Shop Gold Clip-On Earrings in 14k, 18k and 8k

Shop Gold Clip-On Earrings in 14k, 18k and 8k

Explore the timeless appeal and elegance of our meticulously selected collection of vintage gold clip-on earrings - wonderful women's jewelry that never goes out of style. These versatile jewels come in various sorts and carats, including 14k, 18k, or 8k options. From classic designs and highly sophisticated designs with pearls and gemstones to original, abstract, and extravagant pieces, everyone will certainly find their favorite pair.
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Vintage gold clip-on earrings are a great choice for those who can appreciate the timeless style of women's jewelry. These practical and comfortable earrings have a rich and interesting history, dating back to the times when having pierced ears was far less widespread than today. But although it was probably born out of necessity, this type of earring design later became also known as a stylish solution and original solution sought after for its originality and convenience.

In Another's Legacy, you can find iconic earrings with a comfy screw-back clip mechanism in many different styles. We have intricate and glamorous clip-ons that will instantly turn their wearer into an icon of golden-era Hollywood, as well as extravagant and lavish statement pieces in the bold 1970s style.

Of course, we also have many contemporary-style vintage gold clip-on earrings in our collection. They are typically very sleek and universal, super-easy to incorporate into any look, and sometimes even completely minimalistic. Whichever of these variations is most desirable to you, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here. Or browse our estate clip-on earrings to find the perfect luxury gift for that special lady in your life with exquisite taste.


When you choose your vintage gold clip-on earrings at Another's Legacy, you may notice information about the purity of the gold used for the earrings next to each piece in our catalog. The higher the carat count of the gold, the more valuable the earrings usually are, but it also shows in their slightly different color tone, for example.

Talking about the color differences between the individual pairs of clip-on earrings in our collection, you can, of course, also choose between the various tones of the gold itself. In addition to the classic yellow, there's also romantic rose gold or vibrant and versatile white gold. A good guide to choosing is to consider what color your other favorite pieces of jewelry or accessories are.

However, a stylish and valuable decoration in the form of embedded gemstones can distinguish your estate clip-on earrings in an even more expressive way. Choose mesmerizing earrings with impressive emeralds, passionate rubies, or timeless sapphires to complement your occasional dress or festive gown. Or reach for the most fascinating and valuable choice of all - vintage gold clip-on earrings decorated with genuine diamonds. 

Thanks to the secure and reliable clip-on patent, you don't have to worry that such a precious gem will unexpectedly fall out of your ears. Also, rest assured that every single piece has passed through the hands of our professional experts, who meticulously evaluate and assess the jewelry for its originality and then clean it using the most advanced techniques to ensure perfect hygiene and maximum charm of the jewel.

If your heart desires vintage gold clip-on earrings, this is, simply put, the perfect place where you can safely and affordably make that dream come true.