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Vintage 18k Gold Bracelet

If you want something truly special, a vintage 18K gold bracelet is worth the investment. 18K is stunning, high-quality gold with a truly beautiful color. Whether you want something subtle and feminine or bold, eye-catching pieces to add a pop of gold to your outfit, 18K gold bracelets are versatile and lovely to look at.
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If you want something truly special, whether it's for you or someone you love, you can't go wrong with a vintage 18k gold bracelet. Stunning, versatile, and high-quality, these pieces are some of our most precious, and they make for gorgeously unforgettable gifts if you want to really wow someone, especially our designer pieces.

18 karat pieces have a high gold content, at around 75%. This means that they are very special and valuable. 18-karat gold, because it does have a higher percentage of gold, is slightly more prone to damage. Gold is softer than some other metals, and the more gold there is, the more careful you have to be with it. This means you need to think about storing them properly, and cleaning them to make sure you can make the most of their beauty.

That being said, 18k is really stunning in terms of quality and color: these are really special pieces that you can treasure for years to come, and high-quality gold looks good on everyone, suiting every style.


Buying valuable gold bracelets online can feel a bit daunting, but at Another's Legacy, we take every care to ensure that our pieces arrive to you safely. We inspect every piece using an X-ray to determine the karat, so you know that if you order 18 karats, that's what you'll get. And we check each piece for any damage or signs of wear. These pieces are preloved, but they look great, and they work well if you're shopping for gifts.

18K gold is very valuable, and at full price brand new, is a little less accessible. If you want a stunning gold cuff bracelet in 18K, you can find a vintage one at a more obtainable price. These pieces are a good investment, too, and will be lovely to pass down or gift to someone else if you want to.

Plus, buying vintage gives you access to pieces from across the years. This means that you can find something unique that nobody else has. Shopping vintage is a bit like treasure hunting: once you find that one thing that suits you, it's a rush.


Our curated collection contains previously worn pieces that suit everyone. From dramatic cuffs to fine chains, there's something classic here to suit everyone. You can go for a delicate piece for a feminine flash of gold. Or you can go for a thicker chain or cuff to create an eye-catching focal point in your outfits.

You can also go for something different, like a Trollbeads bracelet, a charm bracelet, or a chain bracelet in the shape of two hearts linked together. You can find something very unique here so if you prefer to look for something that nobody else has, buying vintage 18K is a good way to go.

The color of 18K gold is stunning. It's versatile and easy to wear, and it looks good on all skin tones too. And the good thing about bracelets is that you don't need to look for a particular size, unlike rings. This makes a gold bracelet a very safe choice if you're looking for a gift for a loved one.

Browse our vintage 18K gold bracelet collection today, and find a stunning, high-quality piece to suit your style or as a special gift for someone special.