Vintage 18k Solid Gold Mens Ring

Vintage 18k solid gold men's rings make a stunning statement. These pieces are high-quality, high-karat, and they make a big impact. Whether you're shopping for yourself or you want to find a special gift, our range of preloved pieces looks good on everyone.
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Buying preloved gold can feel like a bit of a risk when you can't see each piece in person. Our collection of vintage 18k solid gold men's rings is thoroughly inspected by our experts. We closely appraise them for flaws and damage, and even X-ray them to check the karat. This means that when you're shopping for 18k rings, you know that you're going to get true 18k gold, which is a relief.

Our 18k rings are stunning, and whether you want something simple or a design that's a little more 'out there', you can relax knowing that our pieces are stunning and ready to wear. Plus, going for vintage allows you to find something truly unique that nobody else has. You can give a previously loved piece a brand-new home and find something that really suits your style if you struggle to get pieces anywhere else for you.

Buying vintage gives you access to all the quality and craftsmanship of gold, but at a more accessible price as well. So you may be able to find something that suits both your wardrobe and your budget, whereas you might not be able to find anything suitable brand-new.


We have some stunning rings in our collection. Gold rings look good on everyone, and for men, you can go for something simple and classic, like a plain gold band, or a slightly chunkier ring with a solid stone. These rings look good all the time. You can wear them to the office, at home on your days off, or at special events. Plus they're versatile and you can stack them with other rings if you want to mix and match them with pieces you already have.

But if you want something special you can push the boundaries and go for an eye-catching ring. A gold band twisted with silver, for example, or a chunky ring inset with diamonds for more of a 'wow' factor. You could even go for something a bit more unique, like a solid gold wolf, for some more drama and to provide a focal point.

These pieces are classic enough to be passed down through the generations if you like but stylish enough to work with just about every wardrobe. 18k gold rings are a good investment for the future, and their versatility makes them a great choice for a gift if you're buying for your partner, brother, or friend, because they really go with everything.


18K gold is a high-quality karat. With around 75% gold contained in an 18K gold ring, these are some of our most valuable pieces, with a very high gold content. These have a stunning color and the quality is great too. These are investment pieces, the kind of gold that you can hold onto and enjoy for years to come.

18K gold does require a bit more care than, say, 14K. Gold is relatively soft, and so the higher the gold content, the more you need to take care of it. This means that you may need to think about how you store your pieces, for example, and make sure that you clean them often.

But 18K is so gorgeous that you'll want to wear these pieces all the time. They look stunning with other 18K gold rings, but they also match nicely with lower karats, too. So you can slot them in with your existing rings nicely, and even wear them alongside your wedding ring.

Shop our 18k vintage solid gold men's rings today: you might be able to find the perfect piece you've been looking for or a stunning gift for a special man in your life.