Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles

Are you looking for an unusual and completely timeless piece of women's gold bangle that would perfectly reflect your individuality but at the same time be suitable for everyday wear? You've come to the right place. There is something really special about Another's Legacy's vintage gold armrings. The original nature of this versatile piece of jewelry attracts ladies of all ages with diverse lifestyles and preferences. The common denominator is their desire for something truly special - a personal amulet in a beautifully feminine design.
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 Beautiful estate gold armrings are also a frequent choice for those looking for a luxurious and chic gift for a woman with exquisite taste. Last but not least, our bangles and armrings are also a great attraction for ladies who have a soft spot for history and desire a piece of jewelry with a unique antique character.

After all, the rich history of this exquisite type of jewelry can be traced back to ancient cultures all around the world. Gold bangles and armrings with various designs were commonly worn in old cultures of South and Southeast Asia as well as by North European Celts and Vikings, serving not only as an aesthetical accessory but also as a testament to one's status and wealth. Come and pick your very own unique vintage gold armring from our collection today.


Do you like our vintage bangles but wonder if they are really right for you? Or you can't decide if they will suit someone you're considering gifting this beautiful but quite offbeat piece of jewelry to? Modern jewelry makers reinvent the classic gold armrings into stylish, contemporary designs that will easily cater to every taste. Our wide range of alluring, carefully hand-picked, preowned jewelry offers minimalistic and extravagant models so everyone can choose their preferred style.

So, how can you choose the best piece? A simple, plain 14k gold bangle bracelet, for example, can be easily worn every day, fitting perfectly into any formal, business, or even completely casual attire. You can pick a classic yellow gold, a cool and modern white gold, or a warm and romantic role gold armring or bangle to match the new bangle with your other favorite pieces of jewelry. Also, pay attention to the width and overall robustness of the jewel. The more robust and visible your bracelet will be, the more attention it will naturally draw to you wherever you go.


The beautiful solid gold armrings for women from Another's Legacy are, of course, not only suitable for casual wear but also serve very well as solitaire central pieces complementing your festive attire when you are heading to a party, wedding, birthday celebration, or any type of cultural event. For such special occasions, you might consider choosing an armlet with a beautiful braided structure, engraved floral ornaments, or abstract details that can be interpreted freely however you like.

Or go for a luxurious solid gold bangle covered with sparkling gemstones. Lovely vintage armrings with alluring rubies, majestic emeralds, universally attractive sapphires, or exclusive brilliants look incredibly good with a beautiful evening gown or stylish cocktail dress.

Regardless of the style you eventually choose, rest assured that all vintage jewelry in Another's Legacy is thoroughly verified and professionally treated in order to stand up to your highest expectations. Your new favorite armring is only a few clicks away.