Gold Necklaces

Gold Necklaces

A solid gold necklace is one of the most sought-after types of jewelry. It's versatile and comfortable to wear, looks great on both younger and older wearers, and will effortlessly elevate any casual or occasional outfit. But vintage solid gold necklaces are even a little more intriguing, providing their owners with a unique design and a timeless appeal that would be hard to find in classic jewelry stores.
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If you can't make up your mind about which type of necklace would be the best for you, allow us to suggest you start with the ultimate timeless classic: a simple chain necklace worn individually or with a pendant. Our carefully curated selection of vintage solid gold chains consists of all the popular designs.

Sturdy Bismarck is an ideal choice for those who crave a bold statement jewel in a contemporary style. This type is very popular with men since it sports a confident, masculine appeal. Nevertheless, our collection has nice variations for women, too. They are usually slightly thinner and lighter yet equally sleek.

Venezia is another popular vintage necklace style in our catalog. Named after the iconic Italian city known for its romantic character and cultural significance, this lovely chain is considered an absolute classic. It pairs particularly well with traditional cross pendants, which can also be found in our catalog in many fine designs.

Of course, we can't forget about the Anchor gold chain necklace - an incredibly popular design inspired by the traditional nautical anchor chain. Vintage jewelry in this time-proven style is an ultimate bestseller. You can choose it in a wide range of widths and lengths.


Of course, necklaces aren't the only options in our range of vintage solid gold necklaces for men and women. Admirers of unique and extravagant pieces, which are perfect for special occasions, are sure to find something for themselves at Another's Legacy, too.

Take a look at our fine selection of robust block gold necklaces with a modern and luxurious charisma. They match beautifully with formal and business outfits, radiating the self-confidence and gracefulness of their owner. For example, they look gorgeous on an exposed feminine neck in a sophisticated evening gown during a luxurious banquet. Thanks to their eye-catching beauty, they can easily be the only piece of jewelry a lady will wear that evening.

Speaking of glamor, if you're looking for a genuinely feminine and elegant jewel, a stunning vintage pearl necklace is probably your best option. Pearls are, after all, incredibly timeless and currently very trendy. They are even becoming immensely popular with brides who like to adorn themselves with a pearl necklace on their big day.

Our collection will also satisfy those seeking something exclusive and sparkling, presenting a range of sophisticated preloved diamond necklaces for the most selective tastes.

Regardless of your preferences, your perfect necklace is only a few clicks away. And maybe you can even find a perfectly matching bracelet in our store, too.