Find answers regarding delivery, returns and exchange, gold and our company.

What are the jewelry made of?

All our jewelry is made of real gold and is available in different carats of gold. We have jewelry in 8, 14, 18, 21, 22, and 24 carat gold.

Can I purchase the jewelry in a physical store?

You can purchase our jewelry in our showroom located in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping worldwide.

When will I receive my order?

We offer worldwide UPS express shipping on all orders (around 2-4 working days). All purchases will be shipped within 1 working day, and you will receive an email with the tracking number. All items are fully insured and sent at the risk of Another's Legacy. Please note that we are not responsible for lost packlages if the shipping information you have provided is incorrect. Another's Legacy is not responsible for any duties, taxes, and/or tariffs that might incur.

Can I pick up my order?

Ordered items paid via bank transfer or payment cards and designated for pickup in our showroom will only be handed over upon presentation of a valid photo ID to the person whose name is listed as the owner of the bank account from which the payment was made. If you have paid with a payment card, you must also bring the card used for the transaction.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we do deliver worldwide.

Can I return my order?

Of course, you can. If your jewelry doesn't fit you or if you wish to return it for any other reason, you have 14 days from the date of receipt to return your order to us.

If you wish to return your order, please contact us via email and send the order, clearly indicating the order number, to the following address:

Another's Legacy c/o Nofipa ApS
HC Andersens Boulevard 38, st.tv.
1553 Copenhagen V

Please note: Return shipments are at the buyer's risk, and they will only be recorded as returned upon receipt at the return address. The return shipment is not insured by the company, and the buyer is responsible for the package and its contents until it is received.

Who pays for the return?

If you want to return your purchase because the jewelry is damaged or not working correctly upon receipt, please contact us and let us know the issue so that we can arrange to cover the return shipping costs. Please attach pictures of the jewelry's fault if possible.

If you wish to return the jewelry simply because you changed your mind, you are responsible for the return shipping costs.

When should I return my order?

You should return your order within 14 days from the day of receipt.

When returning, the jewelry should be sent back in its original jewelry box, and any accompanying accessories should be included. The item and accessories should be returned in the same condition as they were received.

How and when will I be refunded?

As soon as we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation via email, and the money will be refunded within 14 days in the same manner as you made the purchase. If you used a payment card, the money will be transferred to the same card.

How do I cancel my order?

Similar to returns, you have 14 days from the receipt of your order to cancel it. If you wish to cancel your order before receiving it, please contact us as soon as possible and inform us. If the order is already on its way to you, you will need to follow our return policy and send the order back to us.

Can I return or exchange items in your showroom?

If you have purchased your jewelry from us, you are always welcome to get assistance with returns or exchanges at our own showroom. Please bring your receipt.

How do I exchange a piece of jewelry?

We are happy to assist you with exchanging your jewelry at our showroom.

How long is my warranty valid?

We provide a 2-year warranty in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act. Our warranty covers defects in material and/or manufacturing.

The warranty does not cover errors or damages caused by incorrect operation of the product or service.

Please contact us before returning the item.

If your warranty claim is valid, it means that you can either have the item repaired, replaced, receive a refund, or a price reduction, depending on the situation.

Who pays for return costs?

Another's Legacy will cover return costs to a reasonable extent. The item must always be returned in appropriate packaging. Also, remember to obtain a receipt for shipping so that we can reimburse your shipping costs.

Does 8 carat gold get darker with time?

Yes, 8 karat gold can darken or change color over time. This is usually due to oxidation or reactions with substances in the environment, such as sulfur or chemicals. This change in color is often referred to as "patina" and is a natural process for some types of low karat gold. It's important to note that not all 8 karat gold items will develop a patina in the same way or at the same rate, as it depends on various factors like the use of the jewelry and the environment it's exposed to.

If you want to maintain the appearance of your 8 karat gold jewelry, you can take some precautions such as storing it away from chemicals, avoiding wearing it during activities that could cause damage, and regular cleaning and maintenance. You can also consult a jeweler for advice on how best to care for your specific piece to prevent or minimize changes in color over time.

How much percent gold is in different carat?

8 karat gold (8K): This contains 33.3% pure gold.

14 karat gold (14K): Contains 58.3% pure gold.

18 karat gold (18K): Contains 75% pure gold.

21 karat gold (21K): Contains 87.5% pure gold.

22 karat gold (22K): Contains 91.7% pure gold.

24 karat gold (24K): Contains 99.9% pure gold.

Each karat level represents a different percentage of pure gold, with the remaining percentage consisting of alloyed metals to enhance durability and achieve the desired color and properties.

Why should I buy vintage gold jewelry from Another's Legacy?

1. Unique and Handpicked Jewelry: Another's Legacy specializes in handpicking high-quality pre-owned vintage gold jewelry. Each piece has its own history and charm, making it a unique treasure.

2. Sustainability: Another's Legacy is committed to sustainability by offering pre-owned jewelry. By purchasing vintage gold jewelry, you reduce the need for new gold extraction and minimize the environmental impact associated with mining and jewelry production.

3. Authenticity and Quality: Another's Legacy conducts meticulous quality control and authenticity checks on all their jewelry to ensure they meet high standards. You can have confidence that the jewelry you purchase is genuine and of high quality.

4. Wide Selection: The company offers a wide range of vintage gold jewelry in various styles, karat values, and designs. This makes it easy for you to find jewelry that suits your personal style and preferences.

5. Showroom in Copenhagen: Another's Legacy has a physical showroom in the heart of Copenhagen where you can view the jewelry in person, receive guidance, and have the option to pick up your purchases.

6. Warranty and Customer Service: The company offers a 2-year warranty in accordance with the law and provides excellent customer service, ensuring you feel secure in your purchases.