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Vintage gold cross pendants represent their wearer's faith and devotion but also work as a stylish and meaningful accessory - a great addition to any outfit. At Another's Legacy, we have a vast collection of both traditional and modern solid gold cross pendants for every taste. We have smaller and larger pieces. Minimalistic and ornamental designs that suit both men and women. Choose an 8k, 14k, and 18k gold cross for yourself or as a gift.
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Solid gold pendants in the form of a cross are among the most popular, iconic, and recognized in the world. Their original meaning is closely connected to the early history of Christianity, and so, until this day, it primarily attracts those who wish to express their religious devotion in such an aesthetical way.

Vintage cross pendants, on the other hand, also often represent a valued heirloom, one's reminder of his ancestors and familial roots. Those from Another's Legacy already have their story and are ready to start their new chapter with their future owner. Of course, rest assured that each and every piece was carefully sourced and selected, professionally verified and evaluated, and also thoroughly cleaned and treated to show off its full allure.

How do you choose the right one that would truly complement you or serve well to someone else you want to give it to as a gift? First of all, focus on picking the right style that would suit the intended use and personal style of the pendant's wearer the best. In most cases, you cannot go wrong with something modest and minimalistic. After all, the fewer distractions, the more the powerful meaning and symbolism of this jewel shine through.

A simple yet impressive pendant can be small or huge, subtle or robust - depending on the customer's taste. Either way, it is sure to look great on any classic chain-style necklace - or, if you desire to be more creative - even on a bracelet or an earring.


Of course, classic and minimalistic cross pendants are not your only option. The vast range of solid gold vintage pendants at Another's Legacy also contains more intricate and decorative pieces. For example, estate gold Dagmar cross pendants are an excellent choice for both men and women. This distinctive style looks very traditional yet also stands up to modern aesthetics. For the most impressive effect, pair it with some of our vintage Bismarck or Byzantine chain bracelets.

Besides the style of the pendant, you should also pay attention to its color and tone, which largely depend on the exact type of gold alloy used and its purity. Most pieces in our collection sport a classic yellow tone, slightly different depending on the number of its karats, ranging from 8k to 14k or 18k.

For those who desire something slightly more original, we offer pieces in elegant and noble rose gold, which is particularly attractive in combination with the pendants' vintage character. It looks very good, especially on ornamental pendants like Dagmar crosses.

Sometimes, we may also offer sleek and versatile vintage white gold cross pendants. They offer a wide range of attractive combinations with necklaces and other jewels, made not only of gold but also of silver and other white-colored metals. Find the best vintage solid gold cross pendant at Another's Legacy today.