Shop Vintage Solid Gold Pendants

Shop Vintage Solid Gold Pendants

Vintage solid gold pendants are a beautiful, meaningful gift, especially when combined with a vintage gold chain. Pendants are rich with symbolism and special meaning, from the classic gold heart for your spouse to a zodiac symbol for your best friend. Pendants are versatile and go with all kinds of styles, and anyone can rock a vintage gold pendant, especially if they love their jewelry to be unique.
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You can't go wrong with a solid gold pendant. Our collection of preloved solid gold pendants is an eclectic mix of styles from classic crucifixes alongside lucky four-leaf clovers and petite solid gold elephants. The good thing about these pendants is that you can find something to suit any occasion, like a good luck charm for a new job, a pearl-embedded charm for a new mother, or a classic heart for a special birthday. Everything is covered in gold charm form, and there's something for everyone here.

Charms are a lovely symbolic gift. They also allow you to express your individuality and style. You can express something about your personality, your interests, or your aesthetic using a simple gold pendant on a chain, and it can be as subtle or as eye-catching as you prefer for your own look.

The good thing about our vintage range is that we have a variety of sizes too. You can go for a chunky gothic crucifix or a tiny, petite diamond-studded heart for a more girly look. Vintage gold is special because it allows you to access high-quality pieces and give them a new home, at lower prices than you would have paid for them new, which can give you access to some gorgeous pendants that may have been unaffordable when new.


Trying to stand out from the crowd can be hard when you're buying new, especially if you don't have a good range of jewelry stores near your home. Buying vintage from Another's Legacy means that you'll be more likely to find a truly unique piece that nobody else around you is wearing. If you're into an unusual style or like to look unique buying gold pendants can give you access to eye-catching jewelry.

You can combine a gold charm with one of our preloved gold necklaces to create a complete piece, or use it with a chain you already have. You can create some unusual looks this way, and building up a pendant collection allows you to swap them in and out to suit your mood or what you want to reflect that day.

Plus, buying vintage means that you'll be 'rescuing' an old piece, giving it a new home and a new lease of life. And you won't be buying new, so you can feel happy that it is an environmentally conscious option, so if you like to feel good about your purchases from a sustainability standpoint, you can feel satisfied about that.


Our authenticity processes ensure that any vintage gold pieces we sell are legitimate solid gold. Our experts use X-rays to check the carat of the gold for each and every pendant that comes our way, which means that you can buy something for yourself or a loved one that you know is real gold.

The pieces are also inspected to check what kind of stone they contain (if any) and are cleaned and polished to a beautiful shine.

These are gently used pieces, so there may be some small flaws and some normal signs of wear and tear. Take a close look at the photos of each pendant before you place an order just to check.

However, we do make sure that only the best, most beautiful pieces make it into our curated solid gold pendant collection. Have a browse today to find a unique pendant to suit your style!