Gold Bracelets

Gold Bracelets

The Vintage solid gold bracelets are among the most favored and sought-after types of jewelry in Another's Legacy. Their effortless charm and huge versatility make them an ideal gift for both men and women of all ages and lifestyles. But nothing can stop you from buying one of these special, incredibly elegant, and timeless pieces for yourself.
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A vintage solid gold bracelet can come in many shapes, forms, and designs, and choosing the right one may not be easy. But if you get it right, you'll obtain a precious companion for life that's guaranteed to never go out of style. Choose one of the versatile chain bracelets that can be paired with practically anything and worn to work or out and about. Or reach for an extravagant piece with an unmissable 'wow' effect for the most special occasions.

Our stunning collection of carefully selected, meticulously verified, and professionally cleaned preloved jewelry caters to all different tastes.


Simple and timeless solid gold chain bracelet can be worn anytime and anywhere, adding a subtle touch of luxury to your everyday look. These jewels are equally popular among men and women, and many of their owners cannot imagine a day without their presence on their wrists. Although they share quite a similar design and character, they are extremely varied and diverse in their details.

All you have to do is take a closer look at the links of the individual pieces you can find in our catalog. You will notice that they have quite different patterns and structures, which tend to be called by different names for easier distinction. The same names are then also used for the necklaces in the matching designs, so you can easily combine your jewelry into a perfect set.

One of the most popular designs of our vintage solid gold bracelets is the universal Figaro pattern, which consists of a trio of identical long links followed by one larger. It's a perfectly unisex design with a timeless appeal that looks equally great in subtle or robust designs.

Curb-style vintage gold bracelet is another popular option. You can easily recognize it thanks to its distinctive flat and slightly twisted chain links, which give it an attractive appearance of solidity and robustness from a distance.

Some of our other sought-after designs of solid gold vintage bracelets include the original Geneva chains, classic Anchor chains, impressive Bismarck bracelets, or sophisticated Venezia style. For delicate originality, consider an intriguing knot gold chain bracelet, which is also an increasingly popular promise jewelry, thanks to its symbolics.


Delicate gold chains that are ideal for everyday wear are not your only choice when looking for a vintage bracelet in Another's Legacy's collection. Those who search for jewelry on special occasions should not miss our robust cuff bracelets with a wide range of eye-catching designs.

Beautiful gold block or brick designs look exquisite and contemporary, pairing neatly with a high-end party attire or sophisticated evening gown. The most refined alternative is, however, an exclusive diamond bracelet decorated with the most valuable precious stones. Our solid gold tennis bracelets covered in brilliants will cater even to the most demanding tastes.

Explore our vintage solid gold bracelets and pick the option that suits you best. Discover all the beautiful, gently worn treasures in our vast collection and find your new favorite jewel today.