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Our solid gold Ole Lynggaard vintage pieces are subtle, quirky, and yet still versatile. With pendants, bands, and eye-catching statement rings, we have a piece to suit every person. Ole Lynggaard is known as a brand for its handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature, and our vintage collection has some great pieces for everyone.
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Ole Lynggaard jewelry is experimental. With a range of rings, earrings, and necklaces, these pieces are eye-catching but still really wearable. They are inspired by nature, and these delicate pieces are intricately detailed and fun while still being suitable for daily wear. They are perfect for creative people.

Some of our pieces are interesting enough to provide a finishing touch for an evening out with your friends or family. A good example of this is the gemstone-topped rings. While others, like our range of diamond studded earrings or the classic gold rings, are perfect for wearing with your casual outfits.

Our collection includes beautiful gently used pieces, like mixed metal necklaces or beautifully textured rings. These are great gifts for your loved ones, particularly if they like more unusual pieces that have a handcrafted, natural look. For example, the rings are not perfectly round, giving them a subtly unique look that stands out when compared to other gold bands.


Our lovely collection of Ole Lynggaard rings are previously loved, which means they will have been worn and used by others before. But they're still gorgeous and perfect for gifts. The gold rings are handcrafted in various shades, sometimes studded with small diamonds - a subtle sparkle that works for everyday wear because they're not too eye-catching.

Other rings in our collection have a slight texture, rather than being shiny, which gives them an interesting look compared to standard gold bands and is quite subtle. Some pieces have words inscribed, too, like 'love' and they make for beautiful gifts for your love.

As these rings are vintage, they come in a limited range of sizes in 14 or 18-carat gold. This means that it may take some browsing to find your chosen size, but buying vintage has a lot of bonuses, like being able to pick up a beautiful ring for a lower price than it would have been to start with when it was brand new.

Our collection is carefully curated and evaluated by professionals, so you will feel reassured that your chosen piece is real, verified gold. The pieces are treated and cleaned too so they will arrive in beautiful condition to be worn again.


Founded in 1963, Ole Lynggaard (based in Copenhagen) has focused on creating unique, handcrafted pieces over the years. These pieces are delicate and bold, with unusual designs inspired by nature, from trees to rocks to flower petals. Sourcing the finest precious stones, these pieces are made with a lot of love and care by a team of 40 goldsmiths.

You can see this care in our gently worn Ole Lynggaard collection, with meticulously textured gold pieces designed to look like tree bark or large gemstone rings with gold settings that look like flower petals.

These small details make for individual, beautiful pieces that are eye-catching. They look lovely with both a pared-back, minimal wardrobe, as well as a more eclectic style. How you wear these pieces is down to you, of course.

Most of these pieces in our collection are subtle enough to be mixed and matched with your current jewelry collection. We think the bands, in particular, are versatile and will sit nicely with other rings. However, if you are looking for something a bit more eye-catching, the larger gemstone rings or statement rings are good as they will create a focal point for you.

Ole Lynggaard jewelry is stunning while also being playful and fun to wear, and the pieces are lovely for all ages. Shop our vintage collection today for authentic, verified, and gorgeous gold.