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Wearing a solid gold necklace is a bold statement for a man and one that attracts many curious glances. Choosing the right design that would perfectly complement your personality and style is, therefore, absolutely essential. Luckily, in case you are looking for a vintage gold necklace for men in Another's Legacy, your choices are almost infinite. Our vast collection of exquisite preloved jewelry for men ranges from minimalist, discreet chains to extravagant diamond necklaces for men who want to treat themselves to the very finest.
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Find a versatile solution that can be worn every day, or acquire a truly special and eye-catching piece that will keep you company during the most luxurious events and special occasions. Or perhaps you're not buying this unique piece of jewelry for yourself? Of course, our store also offers a variety of men's necklaces that are perfect for wrapping in colored paper and giving to someone who genuinely deserves it.

All of the preowned jewelry in our collection has gone through rigorous selection, inspection, authentication, as well as professional cleaning to present them in their full brilliance. All you have to do is choose the right one.


A classic yellow gold necklace for men in one of the traditional chain styles boasts timeless and versatile charm. It is also usually the easiest type of gold jewelry to mix and match with other accessories you might wear. When you add to this the unmistakable charm and character of vintage jewelry that already comes to your hands with a piece of its own history, you have come face to face with a truly exceptional piece.

In Another's Legacy, virtually all popular types of men's chain necklaces are represented. The classic Anchor style necklaces, inspired by a chain on a real sea anchor, dominate here, along with the versatile and sleek Figaro chain. Each of these styles is great for everyday wear and will work amazingly with casual, business, and sporty outfits.

For those who prefer more contemporary and bold chain styles, we can recommend any of our vintage gold necklaces in Bismarck, Curb, or Gold Block designs. These are some of the fullest, heaviest, and most flashy chain necklaces in our collection, so be prepared to attract lots of attention wherever you wear them. Many gentlemen, therefore, prefer them on festive occasions.

To make your chain even more unique and in perfect harmony with your personality and character, you can also decorate it with a stylish gold pendant with the motif of a cross, astrological sign, or anything else you consider your personal amulet.


Buying vintage jewelry also provides you with the opportunity to acquire something genuinely lavish at a price that would be fair and reasonable. If you are also tempted by this vision, be sure to focus on men's necklaces set with precious stones. Most often, it is a classic diamond, but there are also other colored stones, such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and so on.

Another example of such a rare specimen in our collection of gold necklaces for men is a necklace combining several shades of gold, from the classic yellow gold, which is typical for slightly lower carats, through tasteful and decent white to warm reddish red.

Regardless of the piece you eventually choose, in our range of vintage gold bracelets for men, you simply can't go wrong.