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Pandora is a popular brand with branches across the globe. Our vintage solid gold Pandora jewelry collection offers some unique, interesting Pandora pieces in gorgeous condition. Whether you want another charm to add to your bracelet or you want a delicate, diamond-studded ring, our curated collection has something to offer for everyone.
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Pandora is a popular brand, primarily known for their silver jewelry. But they also have a beautiful gold collection, too. Our vintage Pandora collection contains rings, bracelets, and classic Pandora charms to add to your existing bracelets.

Known for their famous charm bracelets, Pandora was launched in 1982 in a tiny jewelry shop in Copenhagen. Now, they have branches across the globe, and their charms are very popular gifts for loved ones; every Christmas and birthday is another opportunity for a new charm, and many people celebrate milestones by adding a symbolic new charm to the mix.

Pandora also create beautiful rings and earrings, too - it's not all just charm bracelets, and they have released a lovely collection of gold items over the years, and the pretty, subtle style is beautifully feminine and suitable for all ages and matches all kinds of styles. Whether you go for an understated or bold look, there's something here to suit you.


Buying from our preloved Pandora collection will allow you to access beautiful solid gold Pandora jewelry at lower prices. Plus, you can find some older pieces that you may not find if you want to buy new; this means you can find really unique charms for yourself or a loved one.

If you've ever been shopping for Pandora jewelry and you can't find anything you love, buying vintage is a really good idea to open up the search to a wider range, and to find something unusual that suits your style if you're struggling to find something quite right.

Our pieces are meticulously checked and examined by our experts, so each piece has been verified as being true gold using an X-ray machine. We take care to make sure these pieces are in great condition, and they will arrive to you, ready to be worn and loved.


Pandora charm bracelets are brilliant because they can be customized to reflect your own personality and style. Buying charms for milestones is a nice way to celebrate the special moments in life, and you can enjoy looking over the charms in the future. A vintage gold Pandora charm bracelet from our collection makes a lovely present for a daughter or niece, particularly for a graduation or special birthday.

However, Pandora also create beautiful rings, earrings, and bracelets. The tiny, delicate diamond-studded rings look beautiful alone or alongside other rings and have a subtle vintage elegance that you can wear every day or for special occasions. They often have beautiful, tiny little details that make them fun to wear.

On top of that, the charms themselves are stunning. Often containing diamonds or small gemstones, our collection of vintage charms is lovely, and you can relax knowing they have been validated as true gold in a variety of carats, from 14 upwards.

Shop our vintage solid gold Pandora collection today and pick up a beautiful preloved piece to add to your collection.