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Shop Vintage Gold Wedding Rings and Bands for Women and Men

No other jewelry has such great significance and symbolism as wedding rings. In some regards, these special jewels are almost sacred, symbolizing eternal commitment represented by their shape of an endless circle – a serpent swallowing its own tale. After all, we expect these rings to last forever, just like our affection towards the partners who put them on our fingers.
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Why choose one of the vintage solid gold wedding rings from Another's Legacy? Just like every love and relationship, each of these beautiful jewels is absolutely unique, carrying with it a fascinating story full of emotions and fateful experiences that go far beyond our own lives. It's like wearing a beautiful, sparkling proof of how magical, powerful, and timeless love truly is.

Of course, there is much more to the appeal of vintage style gold wedding rings than poetic symbolism. Many people prefer antique, previously loved wedding bands simply because of their unique aesthetics, often very different from what modern jewelers offer today. Many of these rings are flamboyantly ornamental. Some may even look a bit exotic.

If you want to make sure that the ring you're going to wear for the rest of your life will truly reflect your individuality, estate wedding rings from our collection are simply a great idea.


The symbolic exchange of wedding rings is going to be the highlight of the most important day in your life. Make sure you and your significant other choose them wisely, ensuring they suit your tastes and vision as closely as possible.

The vast selection of fine, tastefully crafted vintage wedding rings that await you in Another's Legacy is both time-tested and timeless. Our collections offer a wide range of classic yet stylish designs that will fit you perfectly not only today but also in ten, twenty, or fifty years from now.

If you prefer classic minimalistic bands, we have a diverse range of thin and robust designs in all the different sizes. Choose from a variety of colors and tones of precious metal. Yellow gold jewelry is considered the most traditional, whereas white gold wedding rings are exceptionally versatile and modern. Rose gold vintage bands, on the other hand, are considered the gentlest and most romantic.

But if you're after something truly special, nothing is more alluring than a beautiful vintage gemstone wedding ring. It combines the luxurious shine of gold with the glamor of one of the colored precious or semi-precious stones.
Which one to choose? One of the most popular options is certainly rubies, which have always been considered a symbol of passion, romance, and devotion. However, the mysterious amethyst, the noble emerald, or the elegant topaz are also stunning choices. If you can't decide, find out which gemstone is suitable for you according to your zodiac sign.


If you're a fan of traditional jewelry and you want to treat yourself to the very best, nothing can compare to a classic, timeless diamond wedding ring. It will undoubtedly become a treasured symbol of your love and an heirloom for the generations of your descendants. 

With our collection of gently worn vintage jewels, you can pick from a nice range of humble and minimalistic diamond rings as well as a selection of bold and extravagant designs. From a band with one decent stone to a sparkling infinity diamond ring to a ring with exquisite solitaire brilliant - everyone is sure to find their favorite. Shop unique vintage gold wedding rings that will be truly worthy of your big day.