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A vintage solid gold block bracelet is sought after for its flamboyance, luxurious feel, and timelessness. They certainly belong to the most unique, instantly recognizable types of bracelets with the ability to captivate you at first glance. Choosing this exclusive and lavish type of jewelry shows you have a fine and selective taste, and you're not afraid to attract a lot of attention wherever you go. If you opt for one of the vintage gold block bracelets from Another's Legacy, you also show off your individuality and ability to appreciate unique jewels with a rich history.
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Robust solid gold block bracelets are popular with both men and women. The wide variety of their designs in our collection will satisfy even the most demanding tastes, providing both classic and extravagant options. Whether you plan to obtain this bold bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone special, our catalog certainly has what you're looking for.


Gold bracelets are among the most versatile and popular types of jewelry in the world. They are worn by women and men of all cultures, religions, ages, and social statuses. Even people who otherwise avoid wearing such valuable accessories are often keen on wearing a gold bracelet, as it looks perfectly fine even in combination with casual or sporty attire.

Our vintage gold block bracelets are, however, quite special. Unlike classic gold chains with clearly distinguishable links, gold block bracelets are considerably more robust, boasting a full and solid appearance. Their structure varies from piece to piece, but typically, they consist of robust rectangular or square blocks assembled in a pattern that can slightly resemble a children's building kit.

Naturally, such a distinctive and eye-catching design draws mainly people who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd. Many fans of our vintage gold block bracelets are younger men in their active years who want to obtain one of these beautiful pieces to commemorate an important achievement or a special jubilee. Nevertheless, vintage block-style bracelets also look incredibly good on the wrist of a woman. Again, thanks to its elegant and confident appeal, this design is popular mainly with success-driven females who want to treat themselves to something genuinely special.


Once you know for sure that this type of bracelet perfectly fulfills your ideas, it's time to look at the details that distinguish the individual pieces from each other. A vintage gold block bracelet looks wonderful in classic yellow gold, boasting a bright hue that further multiplies its natural grace. But there are some other options, too. A white gold block bracelet, for example, offers unparalleled versatility, matching nicely even with a minimalistic casual outfit.

An emerging popular choice is a combination of various tones of precious metal. This looks particularly good on a wide, ornamental gold block bracelet that allows each tone of the gold to shine. However, when choosing the right bracelet, its width and overall robustness are also very important, and it's not just about the visual impression: If your gold block bracelet is too massive in relation to your wrist, it may be a little uncomfortable to wear it every day due to its considerable weight.

Explore our vintage gold block bracelets collection and find a jewel that will perfectly suit your unique personal style.