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Vintage Solid Gold Figaro Necklaces

Vintage solid gold Figaro necklaces are among the most popular types of jewelry you can find in Another's Legacy. The classic design is so distinctive you can certainly recognize it even without experience. Just search for the typical sequence of three smaller and one prominent links in a repeating pattern. Gold Figaro necklaces in our preowned range have many different styles. Choose an 8k, 14k, or 18k Figaro necklace for you or someone dear to you.
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Find your vintage solid gold Figaro necklace in Another's Legacy's vast, carefully hand-picked collection of jewelry. Our catalog contains necklaces for men and women of any imaginable taste.

A typical men's Figaro necklace is of middle length - not long enough to swing low at the chest but also not too tight around the neckline for the total comfort of its wearer. Men's necklaces also usually sport more sturdy clasps to make it easier to manipulate with bigger hands. Female necklaces are, on the other hand, often thinner, longer, and more delicate, sporting a gentle feminine charm.

When it comes to the overall appearance of these necklaces, the chain link style, named after the main character of the notoriously famous opera "Marriage of Figaro," is highly elegant and versatile. Whether you pair this highly adaptable piece of jewelry with sporty attire, everyday casual clothes, or something more opulent for an evening out. Pick the most suitable design and combination for you.


Whether you're looking for the perfect vintage gold Figaro necklace for yourself or someone else as a gift, focus mainly on the details - both functional and figurative - that comprise the real differences among these jewels. It can be some small intricate fragment, a non-traditional type of clasp, or a correctly selected shade of gold that makes a difference between just any and 'yours' jewel.

To make your vintage Figaro necklace even more personal and special, focus also on its color when selecting the proper piece. Gold comes in a variety of different shades and tones, depending partially on its purity and the type and quantity of additives in the alloy. The most traditional 8K or 14K gold Figaro necklaces will usually hold a bright yellow hue. The 18k or 21k solid gold necklace is usually a tiny bit darker. Keep in mind, though, that the purest gold is slightly softer, so your new Figaro necklace from our collection may be more prone to damage.

Figaro necklaces are also very sleek in their white-gold designs. Such a modern and stylish option is especially popular among those who want to pair the necklace with their favorite watch or other accessories, making it a wonderful pair with silver and steel. Rose gold is another gorgeous option, typically preferred by those who seek impressive and somewhat nostalgic pieces. It breathes romance and passion and is, therefore, predominantly visited by women.

Still not sufficiently individual and lavish selection for your taste? Find your own way and discover your dream vintage solid gold Figaro necklace with added charms and genuine diamonds. It will work as an unmistakable evidence of your individualism and noblesse, certainly admired and complimented by your friends and relatives. And once you have the Figaro necklace of your dreams, why not pair it with a solid gold vintage Figaro bracelet? Create a perfect combination and show off your sense of fashion with confidence.