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When choosing the right chain necklace design, you have many different options. Many people automatically search for something classic and timeless, such as the traditional Figaro, timeless Anchor, or sleek Venezia styles. But if you want something more contemporary and trendy, you cannot go wrong with any of our vintage gold rope necklaces. This stylish jewelry is inspired by the simple yet impressive aesthetics of a traditional braided rope. Find the best piece for you made of solid 8k, 14k, or 18k gold.
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The vintage solid gold rope chain necklaces at Another's Legacy are incredibly versatile designs, popular with both men and women from all generations and corners of the world. The full, solid look of these chains, however, primarily attracts those who desire bold and sovereign jewels and are not afraid to face curious glances wherever they go. The solidness and robustness of these necklaces, however, have some practical advantages, too. It is, for example, very durable, which can be admired especially in connection to the previously owned pieces, which already come with some history.

The alluring rope-like pattern, however, also has an intriguing symbolism. It is thought to stand got strength and unity while also reminding us of all life's adventures through its connection to sea and all maritime.

Vintage gold rope chain necklaces are worn by all types of women and men, working very well as a lavish gift for someone special in your life. Thinner designs are usually suggested for female wearers or those who want to combine the necklace with some delicate pendant. Thick and robust chains, on the other hand, perfectly suit men with a bigger build or those who simply want to stand out thanks to such an unmissable jewel.

Thinner pieces are also typically worn every day, as they go very well, even with a completely casual and sporty outfit. Lavish massive chain necklaces with mesmerizing twisted designs can be worn on special occasions, too. They look very pretty in combination with a stylish evening gown or a formal suit.


Once you have selected the most appropriate thickness and overall style of your desired rope chain necklace, it is time to check its color and tone. Our collection of pre-owned rope necklaces is dominated by classic yellow-gold pieces, which are preferred by many for their bold shine, timelessness, and simple combinability with other jewels. The exact tone of each piece can, however, slightly differ, depending on the number of karats and purity of the gold.

Your other option is relatively rare, but maybe even more attractive rose gold necklace. The warm tone further emphasizes the nostalgic vintage feeling of the jewel, and it is usually preferred by women. If you come across a white-gold rope chain necklace, you will obtain an exceptionally sleek and universal piece, which can also be worn along with stainless steel accessories or silver jewels. Choose the one that suits your individual tastes and preferences the most.

And while you are at it, why not find a perfectly fitting vintage gold rope chain bracelet in our collection and create a lovely set? Matching these distinctive jewels is easier than you probably think, and the results are very impressive. Take your time and discover our vast, carefully hand-picked collection of estate rope chain jewelry for every taste.