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Discover the allure of solid gold vintage Byzantine necklaces — timeless jewelry in bold and elegant style. Explore Another's Legacy's catalog of gently worn neckpieces in this original style and find the best one for yourself – or give it to someone particularly close to you as a special gift. Our collection offers men's and women's Byzantine necklaces in 8k, 14k, or 18k gold and occasionally in different colors, too.
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The vintage solid gold Byzantine necklace is one of the most distinctive styles of chain jewelry you can currently shop at Another's Legacy. Its exotic name suggests it has its origin in the famous Byzantine Empire, which was home to many great jewelers and craftsmen. Nevertheless, it presumably refers more to the characteristic ornaments, complexity, and intricacy that can slightly resemble the style of the traditional Byzantine jewelry designs.

When you take a closer look at any of the vintage Byzantine necklaces in our collection, you might notice that their texture, shape, and overall style closely resemble the structure of the rope, consisting of many intertwined wires of gold. This structure creates many attractive and eye-catching patterns that give away the details only when inspected closely. When combined with festive or party outfits, this intriguing style looks very lavish and confident, making it a wonderful choice for those who crave jewels for special occasions.

Nevertheless, the vintage Byzantine solid gold necklaces in our collection are also excellent for everyday wear, whether you combine them with a smart casual outfit or a sporty chic look. The universal appeal of these jewels is, after all, one of their main advantages.


The necklaces are one of the most popular types of previously owned Byzantine chain jewelry in our catalog. They are charming, unique, and exceptional, suitable for both female and male wearers. Usually, the more robust designs are preferred by men, which also means that their clasps are often sturdier and larger in order to be easier to manipulate. The feminine vintage Byzantine necklaces tend to be slightly subtler and often also longer. Besides making it more suitable for the smaller body build.

Nevertheless, the longer and thinner preowned Byzantine necklaces are also a great fit for combining with pendants and charms of your choice. Whether it is a classic minimalistic cross, ornamental medallions, or charms decorated with the most lavish precious stones. Choose the styling that fits you the most and enjoy it to the fullest.


Besides the length and width of the estate Byzantine necklaces in our catalog, you will certainly also notice the color and tone of the piece you are considering acquiring. In most cases, it is the classic bright yellow in 8k, 14k, or 18k quality, boasting the highest versatility and combinability and also being the most eye-catching.

The warm rose gold is a gorgeous alternative for those who prefer a more nostalgic and romantic appearance. White gold Byzantine necklaces are, on the opposite, very modern and sleek. Choose the most stylish piece for yourself, or buy one of these exquisite pieces as a present for someone you love.

In either case, you can rest assured that each and every Byzantine necklace from our collection is carefully selected, professionally verified, and thoroughly cleaned to ensure your complete satisfaction.