Shop Vintage Gold Tennis Bracelets for Women and Men

A vintage gold tennis bracelet is an elegant and versatile accessory that has fans among men and women of all ages and never goes out of style. Explore our carefully selected collection of beautiful vintage gold tennis bracelets and find the perfect piece that can, besides aesthetical appeal and considerable value, also offer a unique character. Our thoughtfully curated collection of these exquisite bracelets has something for everyone and suits many occasions and purposes.
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A stylish gold tennis bracelet comes in various designs. Typically, it has the appearance of a symmetrical band closely encircling your wrist, adorned with an endless stripe of round-cut gemstones.

Have you ever wondered why it's called a tennis bracelet? The name has been used since 1978, referring to Chris Evert, a famous American tennis player, who amused her admirers by wearing a diamond bracelet on the court during a US Open tennis match. Famously, the match had to be paused for a moment when Chris suddenly lost the jewel, creating a hilarious story that would stick to this type of bracelet for decades.

Although we cannot offer you the original Chriss Evert bracelet in Another's Legacy, our vast collection of vintage gold tennis bracelets will certainly please any taste and desire.


Most of the vintage gold tennis bracelets from our collection represent the classic style of this popular and timeless jewel: A thin, delicate line of gold covered with an endless stripe of sparkling brilliants. Nevertheless, some pieces may also sport different kinds of precious and semi-precious stones, so everyone can choose their favorite style without compromises.

This beautiful design is incredibly graceful and elegant, making it the first choice for many women when preparing for some lavish and grand event. Many brides also choose this lovely bracelet for their big day since it pairs well with the classic white wedding dress. Nevertheless, thanks to their subtle and versatile allure, our vintage gold tennis bracelets can also be worn every day, matching well even with casual attire.

Moreover, women are not the only ones who can enjoy these stunning jewels. The heavier and thicker pieces from our hand-picked vintage collection are particularly popular with men, who usually appreciate their flamboyance and luxurious shine.


Besides the size and variety of gemstones, you can also customize a previously owned tennis bracelet from Another's Legacy by choosing your favorite type of gold. The classic yellow-gold tennis bracelets are probably the most common and versatile choice. Nevertheless, if you want to pair the jewel with your favorite silver accessories or watch, you might want to consider a vintage white gold tennis bracelet, which looks equally good.

The third option is a rose gold variation, but such tennis bracelets can be seen only rarely and usually find their new owners very fast. Rose gold is, in general, preferred by those who like gentle, sleek, and romantic jewelry. in some cultures, people also believe it is associated with wealth and affluence, which pairs very well with the scattered diamonds on a tennis bracelet.

Regardless of the piece you eventually choose, rest assured that each and every pre-owned tennis bracelet in our collection has been carefully examined, authenticated, and professionally cleaned. Whether you want to buy one of our stunning vintage pieces for yourself or as a precious gift, satisfaction is always guaranteed.