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The unique knot-style jewelry is sought after for its eye-catching aesthetics but also for the intriguing symbolism behind this design. The knot represents unity, commitment, trust, and remembrance, but also adventure and courage. If it appeals to you, don't miss our diverse range of beautiful vintage solid gold knot necklaces that cater to all different tastes and preferences. See out 8k, 14k, and 18k gold knot necklaces and choose the best one for you.
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Are you searching for a versatile yet original and truly special piece of jewelry? Vintage solid gold knot necklaces are a wonderful choice for anyone who can appreciate a perfect blend of uniqueness and modern minimalism. As its name clearly indicates, the chain is formed of many closely intertwined gold links that look like knots. They can be tiny, distinguishable only when observed from up close, or robust and bold, visible from afar.

After all, one of the most significant advantages of this design is its perfect versatility and adaptability to any taste. Whether you are looking for a modest style that could be worn every day to work and casual outings, or you would prefer something opulent and striking for special occasions, you will undoubtedly find a suitable piece among our vintage gold knot necklaces, too. This jewelry looks impressive in combination with formal or festive outfits, but it goes equally well with casual, sporty, or streetwear styles.


At first sight, the knot chain jewelry appears to be suitable mainly for men, but if you take a closer look at the stunning vintage pieces we have gathered in our collection, you will see that there are also many perfectly unisex or even straight-out feminine designs to choose from.

Usually, the more feminine chain necklaces are more subtle, elegant, and chic, whereas men's knot necklaces can be visibly sturdier and more robust. Taking note of the clasp can guide you, too, since designs intended for men often sport more oversized clasps to fit more prominent men's hands. Either way, at Another's Legacy, you are free to choose the vintage knot necklace of your choice, regardless of any limitations.

Moreover, you can customize it further by adding a stylish vintage solid gold pendant from our catalog or combining the knot-style necklace with the matching bracelet to create your custom-made set of jewelry.


Another great way to bond with your new vintage knot necklace from Another's Legacy is by choosing the color and tone of the jewel according to your personal taste. In most cases, our necklaces sport the traditional, most widely spread yellow tone. But even these pieces can have slightly different shades and tones depending on the purity of the used gold. Whereas the most accessible 8k necklaces usually have a bright yellow hue, purer jewelry made of 14k, 18k, or 21k solid gold can have a more intense and warmer hue.

You can go even further by choosing a lovely rose-gold knot necklace or, on the contrary, a sleek and versatile white-gold knot necklace. Finding such unique and rare pieces in our constantly changing vintage jewelry catalog can be tricky, though, so when you have the opportunity, do not hesitate.