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Vintage gold brick necklaces are a great choice for anyone who can appreciate the bold beauty of their solid, smooth surface and striking shine that catches glances from afar. At Another's Legacy, you can find this popular type of gold necklace in a large variety of designs for both women and men. Choose gold brick necklaces in various carats, color tones, and widths, or pick based on your preferred carats ranging from 8k to 14k and more.
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When you look at the massive, impressive, literally unmissable gold brick necklaces in our collection, you will surely imagine that this jewelry will be especially pleasing to those who like to attract a lot of attention. But we'll be very happy to prove you wrong - our varied and versatile range of gold brick jewelry also includes fine pieces that are perfect for those who like subtle and elegant accessories. Of course, it all depends on your selection. Will you reach for one of the chunkier pieces or, on the contrary, for a thinner and lighter necklace?

While the most massive of our pieces can be over 10 inches in width, we also have beautifully delicate gold brick chains measuring less than 5 inches in thickness. At first glance, many people think that while the sturdier options are reserved for men, women's necklaces are generally thin. But in the case of our vintage gold brick necklaces, there is no such limit. Some of our most voluminous pieces, on the contrary, are purely feminine jewels that work brilliantly as statement jewelry for the fanciest evening events. Gentlemen, on the other hand, can also choose from masculine minimalist necklaces that can be easily concealed under a shirt if necessary.


Length is, of course, another important parameter to consider when choosing estate gold brick jewels from our collection. Unlike classic chain necklaces in styles such as Figaro, Venezia, or Anchor, gold brick necklaces are usually shorter in length, tightly hugging the neck at the level of the collarbone. This is partially a result of their massiveness, which wouldn't pair well with the sensation of loose swaying low on the chest, but also the fact that this is where their exquisite luster shines through most beautifully.

When it comes to the texture and overall appearance of our vintage gold brick necklaces, this is primarily determined by the fundamental structure of the jewelry itself. As its name suggests, it consists of gold bricks - or rectangular elements - which are interconnected according to the final width and design of the necklace. However, there are also slight variations, such as the partially loose bottom row of gold bricks, which creates an interesting, somewhat festive, fan-shaped effect in the cleavage.

There is also room for individuality offered by the various shades of these solid gold vintage jewels - from the classic vibrant yellow through the soft and romantic rose gold to the rare but all the more desirable white gold variation.

You can rest assured that every single piece in our collection has been 100% verified and evaluated by our experts, but also professionally cleaned and treated for the most vibrant finish and impact. All you have to do is choose the right necklace that will undoubtedly become your new favorite.