Vintage Solid Gold Snake Necklace

The solid vintage gold snake necklaces in our collections are some of the most versatile and trendy types of necklaces you can get. They look great on their own but also with a variety of gold pendants and charms of your choice. These beautiful round and smooth chains are available in slender and delicate designs but also in chunky versions. Choose the perfect vintage snake necklace in 8k, 14k, or 18k quality at Another's Legacy today.
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Even those who have never seen a solid gold snake necklace before will surely have a good idea of what these interesting pieces look like. Their name suggests that they were inspired by the animal kingdom - specifically, the graceful and slick body of a snake. These necklaces are perfectly even and smooth, making them a popular choice for women who like versatile and modern designs of jewelry. They are a wonderful addition to any day-to-day outfit, including your office attire or simple jeans and shirt. Nevertheless, they can also be worn on any special occasion - especially when combined with some particularly lavish and interesting charm.

Although from afar, the vintage snake necklaces in our offer look perfectly uniform, when the observant eye leans towards them, it will surely discover the beautiful original details of their surface texture, in some cases actually resembling the skin of a snake with smooth leathery scales. At other times, the texture is more rough and jagged - the chain consists of a multitude of intertwined gold wires that form its perfectly twisted shape.

As you observe these beautiful vintage jewels up close, be sure to take note of their closures, too, which represent a wide range of patents and solutions with varying levels of convenience, as well as their own aesthetic contribution to the piece of jewelry as a whole.


When you're choosing a new vintage snake neck chain from our catalog - or when you're picking it out for someone else as a gift - you will definitely want to take note of its thickness and length. These are the two most important parameters that determine how the necklace will be worn and the impression it will make on those around you. In general, thinner chains are more appropriate for normal everyday wear. They elevate your casual or work outfit beautifully, but they are not so flashy and striking that they attract too much-unwanted attention.

Thinner estate gold snake necklaces will also better suit those who plan to decorate them with pendants. Just put your favorite medallion, cross, lucky charm, or some beautiful gemstone on such a shiny necklace and let it tastefully sway across your chest. Thicker and more robust vintage snake necklaces are, of course, much more striking, making them a great choice for various events and occasions, including parties, family gatherings, weddings, theatre shows, or even opulent banquets and galas. The thicker the chain is, the shorter it usually is, too, sometimes tightly hugging its wearer's neck just above the collarbones.

Most of the vintage solid gold snake chains in our range are in classic yellow gold, with a choice of lighter and darker tones in 8k, 14k or 21k quality. Sometimes, however, beautiful white or pink snake necklaces find their place in our carefully hand-picked selection, too. In this case, you can, of course, also count on 100% authenticity, quality, and excellent condition of the jewelry, which will arrive in your hands after professional cleaning and treatment.