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A solid gold Figaro bracelet is one of the most popular, versatile, and timeless types of jewelry you can acquire. The classic design can be easily recognized even by an untrained eye. The characteristic sequence of three smaller and one prominent links in a symmetrically repeating pattern is simply unmistakable. Still, a gold Figaro bracelet can have many different styles, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Find yours in Another's Legacy's hand-picked collection of vintage solid gold Figaro bracelets for men and women of any taste.
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A typical men's Figaro bracelet is robust, relatively wide, and sports a sturdy clasp that's easy to manipulate with larger hands. It is because this specific design is predominantly favored by men. Named after the main character of the notoriously famous opera pieces “Barber of Seville” and “Marriage of Figaro,” this traditional Italian chain style instantly evokes sophistication, culture, and high fashion. Nevertheless, it's an incredibly versatile type of jewelry that looks perfectly good in combination with sporty men's attire, too.

Our collection of carefully selected previously owned Figaro bracelets has both minimalistic and lavish pieces so that everyone can find the most suitable design for them.


Whether you're looking for the perfect vintage gold Figaro bracelet for yourself or someone you'd like to delight with this stunning piece of jewelry, prepare yourself for the fact that it won't be easy. The essential features of these bracelets remain the same. The magic of their uniqueness, therefore, comes in their details. What should you look for to make the right choice?

First, pay attention to the robustness and size of the bracelet, as it should fit the wearer's wrist perfectly. In general, we could say that bigger hands need greater Figaro bracelets, whereas bracelets for smaller hands or women tend to be considerably more subtle and delicate. But, of course, it is not always so straightforward. Many people today prefer the contrasting effect of dramatically chunky accessories on thin hands or, on the contrary, thin, barely visible chains on muscular arms.

Regarding the length of the bracelet, you can be more relaxed. Just make sure that the bracelet is not too short for the wearer's wrist. If, on the contrary, it is too long, any skilled goldsmith will be able to shorten it thanks to the universal design of the Figaro bracelets.


To make your vintage Figaro bracelet even more individual and unique, focus also on its color when choosing the right piece. Gold can have a wide range of shades, which depend both on its purity and the type and amount of additives in the gold alloy used. Whereas 8K or 14K gold Figaro bracelets will typically have a bright yellow hue, an 18k or 21k solid gold bracelet tends to be a tiny bit darker. Keep in mind, though, that the purest types of gold are slightly softer, so such a vintage Figaro bracelet should be handled with appropriate care.

Figaro bracelets are popular in white gold design, too. This is a sleek and contemporary option, often chosen by those who want to pair the bracelet with their favorite watch or other accessories. Rose gold is another stunning option, typically preferred by those who seek a truly impressive, one-of-a-kind jewel with a warm, romantic feeling.

Yet another choice for those who want their vintage Figaro bracelet to stand out is decorating it with flamboyant pendants that are either included in the original set or added individually by the bracelet's creative owner. Find your way and discover your dream vintage solid gold Figaro bracelet at Another's Legacy today.