Vintage Solid Gold X Link Bracelets

If you are looking for an intricate style of chain jewelry, the X Link chain will surely catch your eye. As its name suggests, this striking and genuinely interesting type of jewel is formed by mutually intertwined links that mimic the shape of the letter X. From piece to piece, though the design may vary, ranging from elegant to extravagant pieces for every taste. Discover our beautiful vintage X Link bracelets in 8k, 14k, or 18k designs.
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You certainly don't have to be a jewelry expert to recognize the unique and unmistakable X-Link chain. This specific design resembles an infinite web of X letters in various shapes, angles, and organizations, either in flat or rounded and multidimensional style. These can have a very different overall appearance, from resembling the strap of a luxurious wristwatch to standing for a standard rounded chain bracelet.

In Another's Legacy, you can find a vast collection of styles and designs that will please even the most demanding tastes. The thinner and more delicate X-Link bracelets are a great choice for those looking for jewelry suitable for everyday wear. Despite being relatively ornamental and festive, these bracelets go very well even with the most casual, sporty outfits.

On the other hand, the thick and robust X-Link bracelets from our carefully hand-picked collection can be easily worn even for the most lavish parties, high-society events, and gatherings. They look intricate and luxurious, catching the eye with many alluring details. Whether these bracelets are intended for male or female wearers, they can easily become the dominant element of their entire festive attire.


Besides deciding on the thickness and overall lavishness of your desired style, you can also choose your favorite color tone for the vintage X-Link bracelet from our collections. Of course, most of the pieces on display represent the Classic yellow gold jewelry, which is the most common and, therefore, also the most versatile and easiest to combine with other jewelry. But yellow-gold pieces can also have many variations and slight differences. Typically, these are caused by their varying purity measured in karats. Choose a piece made of 8k, 14k, 18k, or even 21k solid gold to achieve the exact color tone you hope for the most.

Or choose some less typical color like the stylish and elegant white gold, which allows you to combine your vintage X-link bracelet even with jewelry made of other white-colored metals. There is also the romantic and nostalgic rose gold, which is traditionally most admired by women but, in fact, perfectly unisex.


Many of our customers want to buy a vintage gold X-Link bracelet for themselves, typically to commemorate a special occasion such as a graduation, anniversary, birthday, or promotion. But many also see this as an opportunity to grab a truly versatile yet special and valuable gift for someone else.

In either case, you can rest assured that each and every piece in our catalog has undergone detailed evaluation and reliable authentication so that you always get only the best quality and authenticity. Furthermore, our previously owned jewelry is always professionally cleaned and treated to ensure these lovely bracelets will truly show what is hidden in them. Get your new X-Link solid gold bracelet from the carefully selected vintage jewelry collection in Another's Legacy today.