Vintage Solid Gold Snake Bracelets

If you are looking for a versatile, modern, simple, and at the same time intriguing jewel, vintage solid gold snake bracelets from Another's Legacy are not to be missed. These mesmerizing jewels are perfectly suitable for everyday wear, and you can adapt them to your personal style in many ways. Explore our range of beautiful 8k, 14k, or 18k vintage snake bracelets and find the perfect piece for you.
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As the name suggests, vintage solid gold snake bracelets boast sleek and simple aesthetics of the snake's body. Just like the beautiful and very popular necklaces of the same type, these lovely bracelets are sleek, smooth, and perfectly even, attracting both men and women who prefer contemporary and universal designs of jewelry. Thanks to their versatile minimalism, these bracelets can be combined with virtually any outfit and dress code, which only further adds to their popularity. This is the type of jewelry you can put on in the morning before work and keep wearing during meetings, outings, events, or even parties without the slightest issue with their style and suitability.

Unlike some other popular chain jewelry, vintage snake bracelets don't have to be distinguished as men's and women's designs. In most cases, these pieces are simply perfectly unisex, so all you really have to take note of is their width to ensure that they will hold on your wrist safely. Still, men may probably prefer some of the thicker and more prominent designs, whereas women can be more attracted to the delicately thin vintage snake bracelets from our collection. Pick the style that suits your personal taste the best.


Most of the vintage gold snake bracelets in our collection can be defined by their beautiful simplicity, which allows their wearers to style or customize their jewels according to their personal tastes. Some pieces, though, already come with some sort of decoration. It can be an ornamental clasp or even a small incorporated charm with some attractive design, engraving, or a precious stone. The thin and flexible snake design is ideal for collecting charms, and some brands, like the famous Pandora, offer dozens of stunning, fully compatible pendants you can use.

Alternatively, you can personalize your selection by choosing a vintage snake-style bracelet in some specific color or tone. The classic yellow gold pieces are easiest to combine with other jewelry, but be aware that there are some slight differences between these pieces too, depending on the purity of the used gold alloy. In general, 8k or 14k gold looks slightly brighter, whereas 18k and 21k solid gold jewelry may sport a warmer, more intense hue.

There are some other, even more unique options, too, though. You can, for example, go for a sleek and versatile white gold vintage snake bracelet, which goes very well with any accessories and jewels made of white and silvery metals, or a romantic and heartwarming rose gold piece, which usually attracts mainly female wearers. And before you leave, make sure you will not miss our collection of matching vintage solid gold snake necklaces, too. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a beautiful set with an unmistakable vintage character.