Vintage Solid Gold X Link Necklace

Whether you're looking for a robust or a delicate neckpiece, a vintage gold X Link necklace from Another's Legacy is always a good idea. We have a vast range of X-Link jewelry for every taste. Choose one of our yellow-gold chain necklaces in 8k, 14k, or 18k purity. Or get an original rose-gold or white-gold piece to stand out. Our vintage X Link necklaces are also a wonderful gift for someone you want to make happy.
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Vintage X-Link necklaces at Another's Legacy can take many different forms. This incredible versatility and adaptability is what makes them so popular, after all, with both our female and male customers. However, if you want to know how to always reliably recognize a chain that belongs to this category, just take a closer look at its pattern. As the name suggests, the X-Link chain jewelry has the structure of a multitude of crossed gold wires, similar to an endless web of X letters.

These can, however, look very different from one piece to the other. Some of these stylish necklaces are flat, spreading primarily to the width, whereas others can be thick and rounded, just like a robust chain necklace. Everyone can freely choose their favorite piece based on their taste and preference, but some of them are objectively more suitable for certain types of use.

If you, for example, look for a lavish and opulent piece, you will certainly appreciate some of the wide and confident necklaces consisting of multiple layers of intertwined X-links. It looks highly luxurious but not too flashy, making it a perfectly suitable addition to any glamorous festive attire.

If you, on the contrary, desire something more discreet and minimalistic, we have a wide range of beautiful vintage X Link necklaces in subtle and modest designs. Such jewelry is still original and intriguing enough to represent your sense of fashion and individuality. Its versatility and simple combinability with any type of outfit, though, makes it suitable for everyday wear.


If you have already found the vintage X Link necklace with the right width and overall style, take a closer look at its color and hue. Most of our previously owned pieces come in the classic yellow-gold look, but there are subtle differences among these individual pieces, too. While the necklaces made of 8k or 14k gold are usually bright and relatively light in color, 18k or 21k solid gold jewels can often appear slightly warmer and more saturated in tone due to the higher purity of gold.

There are other options beyond the yellow gold, too. Sleek and contemporary white gold, for example, also looks extremely good on the lovely X Link design. Besides its uniqueness and elegance, it also brings the added value of perfect combinability with any other white-metal jewels and accessories. Last but not least, you can also occasionally come across some of the mesmerizing gold-rose vintage necklaces in our catalog. Its warmth and nostalgic feeling make it look truly special, attracting those who can appreciate genuinely unique jewels with their own character.

Regardless of your final decision, your new favorite solid gold vintage X-Link necklace certainly awaits you right here. All of our pieces were carefully handpicked, meticulously checked and verified, and professionally cleaned, so you can rest assured of their top quality and striking appearance.