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Belcher necklaces are the term given for a certain type of chain. Our collection of vintage gold belcher necklaces are strong, sturdy, and classic. They look good enough to wear for special events but are less prone to breakage, so you can wear them day in and day out. For high-quality gold necklaces, we'd definitely recommend a Belcher chain.
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Our curated collection of vintage gold belcher necklaces is ideal for those who tend to put their jewelry items through their paces. Whether you're always walking out in the elements or you do a lot of jobs that involve physical labor and so your jewelry tends to get scraped around, belcher chains are perfect, because they tend to be quite strong and less prone to breakage than other types of gold chains. So you shouldn't have to worry about them snapping.

Belcher chains have a unique shape. They're made from a series of uniform D-shaped links that are quite broad. Also known as a 'rolo chain', they can be subtle and understated, or bold and eye-catching, with a range of carats and chain lengths to choose from, so there's something to suit almost all styles.

There are a few possible reasons that we know of for the name. In the 19th century, people would wear belcher rings to secure scarves and it's possible that belcher chains are named for this. It's also believed that they are named after a famous boxer, Jem Belcher.

Either way, these chains are classic and have remained popular over the years because they look good with everything - they're very versatile.


Our collection of preloved belcher chains looks great with everything: from thinner chains to thicker, chunkier styles, you can wear them with your everyday outfits as well as out to dinner with your family. The thing about belcher chains is that they are sturdy enough to withstand a lot of wear, and with a bit of care, you can make your vintage chain last for many years to come even if you wear it every day.

With a variety of carats to choose from, our belcher chains also make for a great gift for a loved one. The most common length is 18 inches, but they can go as long as 24 inches. You can also combine thinner belcher chains with a pendant if you prefer, and a fine belcher chain can make a great accompaniment to a beautiful preloved gold pendant.

Belcher chains look good on men and women, and they contrast nicely with a more feminine style, as well as blending in nicely with a classic jeans and t-shirt combination that many people swear by. Anyone can pull off a preloved belcher chain, and this, combined with their hardiness, makes them a good investment.


Buying from our vintage collection is good for a few reasons. Firstly, buying gently worn gold belcher necklaces from a reliable source means that you can access some high-quality pieces at a lower price. These pieces are a good investment for the future and can be an excellent gift for loved ones if you can't normally afford brand-new gold jewelry.

Our experts here take each piece, thoroughly inspect them to determine the carat, and appraise the quality of every single one before cleaning it to give it a new lease of life. This means only the best quality pieces make it into our curated collections, and you can relax knowing that you have a real, high-quality gold necklace, taking some of the stress out of shopping for jewelry online.

Take a look at our collection of bold, classic belcher necklaces for yourself or as a gift for someone special.