We now offer the possibility that you can split the payment over several months.
All it requires is that you have to wait to receive your jewelry until it is fully paid for.

What should you do if you want a layaway agreement?

1. Decide the number of months you want to split the payment on

2. If you want to buy online, send us an email

3. You receive info

4. Pay the first installment immediately, the rest is paid continuously month by month until it is paid in full.

5. The jewelery is now set aside for you and can be collected after the last payment

Terms for layaway agreement

The payment is divided into 2-10 installments per month, depending on the desired duration of the agreement. The first installment is paid immediately.

Current payments must be made on the 1st of each month.

If the payment is not made as agreed, we retain 50% of the amount paid, and the rest is either refunded to you or issued as a gift card to our webshop. The interest fee will not be paid.

Our solution involves an extra 2% cost which is added to the monthly installment plan. The 2% is added to the total amount for the purchase, and the payment is spread over the agreed number of months. You must add 2% to the monthly amount.