Sell your used jewelry

Gold jewelry made from real gold will always have its value in the form of the gold value, and you can therefore always sell your gold jewelry.

Read more on this page about how you can sell your gold jewelry.

Sell jewelry on commission

Do you have jewelry from well-known brands such as Ole Lynggaard, Georg Jensen, Cartier, Sophie Bille Brahe or others, you can request to sell them on commission.

We are competitive compared to the classic auction houses, and take a smaller fee and have no fees associated with commission sales.

Sell your gold jewelry at the market's best gold price

Do you have gold jewelry lying around at home that you no longer use? Then it might be a good idea to sell them to give them new life and at the same time get the value paid out to yourself.
Another's Legacy collaborates with Nordisk Guld, Denmark's favorite jewelry dealer, when you want the highest gold price for your jewelry.