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10 Unique Wedding Gifts for Bride from Groom

10 Unique Wedding Gifts for Bride from Groom

Wedding days are usually pretty full-on. From getting ready to greeting guests to the ceremony and the food and dancing all night, there's actually not a huge amount of time for the happy couple to spend alone together.

Preparing a wedding gift for the bride from the groom can be a lovely way to carve out a quiet moment together before the events begin - in fact, a gift exchange is a really important part of the day for a lot of couples.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas to Give Your Bride

If you're the groom and you're feeling a little overwhelmed by choice, here are ten unique wedding gifts that your bride might love to receive on your wedding day!

1. Necklace


A vintage necklace could be the perfect gift for a wedding day. Whether the bride chooses to wear it on the day or not, necklaces make for a wonderful gift to keep forever, and it's a nice way to honor the day without taking away from the other jewelry star of the day (the wedding ring itself).

If you want something subtle, a thin gold chain, a fine gold cross pendant, or a pendant with a dainty pearl set in the middle would be excellent choices. If your bride prefers something bolder, a thicker gold chain or a necklace set with stones like sapphires could be perfect.

2. Earrings


Earrings are a classic gift from the groom to the bride on their special day. You can't really go wrong with earrings (once you've definitely established which metal she likes to wear). If you're really not sure what to get, earrings are the best choice.

Subtle diamond studs are a timeless pick for a bride. They'll add a bit of subtle sparkle to her wedding outfit without being too intrusive or clashing with her outfit. Plus, diamond studs can be worn for almost all occasions in the future - you really can't go wrong with them.

3. Gold Pendant

Gold Pendant

This is a really beautiful, thoughtful wedding gift idea. A gold pendant is pretty, eye-catching, and can be deeply personal. A classic heart or crucifix may be just the thing you're looking for, or you might want to go for something a little more unusual: a delicate flower, an elephant, or even your bride's zodiac sign if she's into that.

Pendants are versatile, and your bride can swap them onto different chains or wear them on a bracelet instead.

4. Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

You might be surprised to see pearl rings as a wedding gift idea for a bride from a groom. Of course, there are two rings that are super important on the wedding day itself, and buying another ring on top of that may seem like a strange choice.

But a pearl ring is a gorgeous option for the bride's right hand. Pearl rings are subtle, pretty, and delicate without being too distracting. If you would rather steer clear of rings, but you like the sentiment of a pearl, you could go for a pearl bracelet or a pearl pendant instead - these are also beautiful, pretty, and subtle.

5. Ring Dish

Ring Dish

A personalized ring dish is a lovely gift, and it will give your bride a safe place to keep her engagement and wedding ring if she prefers to take them off at night. (She can keep other jewelry there, too, so it would make a good combo gift with earrings or a necklace.)

You can have these personalized with your initials and wedding date, a symbol that means something to you, or perhaps the lyrics from your first dance song. It's a pretty gift, but it's also a useful item she can use every day, and she'll think about your wedding day every time she takes her rings off for the night.

6. Journal


A journal is a really lovely and unique choice for a bride-to-be. If she is the kind of person who loves to record special moments, buying her a journal for the first year of married life is a thoughtful gift. (If she's a writer, it goes without saying that she'll love this even more.)

A high-quality leather journal is always a good gift but look for a journal that can be personalized, perhaps with her name or your initials and wedding date. You can, of course, write her a special message on the first page, which will make it even better.

Alternatively, you can get the most special people in the bride's life to write her a special message too, although you might want to bring some tissues with you. You know, just in case.

7. Armrings


Armings, if you haven't come across them, are solid gold bracelets. Like bangles, these come in varying thicknesses, and they are absolutely beautiful. If your bride loves to wear gold, these are a perfect wedding gift, and she can wear them with other outfits in the future too.

You can get different types of armrings, so it may be worth discussing with your future wife which kind she likes the best. There are thin, delicate, twisted gold ones, mid-thickness ones with gorgeous engraved detailing, or thick, bold, statement ones that would go perfectly with a more minimal dress.

8. Wedding Keepsake Box

Wedding Keepsake Box

There are often some small items that don't have a home after a wedding: favors, an invitation, the bride's garter, and even dried flowers from her wedding bouquet. A keepsake box is a lovely gift to keep everything safe after the big day.

These can be personalized with your names and wedding date, too, so she can keep these small treasures safe forever. You can even hide another small gift inside it if you really want to spoil her. A gift-in-a-gift!

9. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

If your bride loves gadgets, this is a really thoughtful gift to present to her on the morning of the wedding. She can enjoy taking pictures as she gets ready, and it's perfect to take on your honeymoon! If you do plan to take it on your honeymoon, it's a good idea to grab a case to go with it so she can keep it safe on your travels.

A Polaroid camera is a lovely, tangible way to document your first year of married life. Just make sure to buy her plenty of film so she can enjoy snapping away without running out too quickly!

10. Silk Robe

Silk Robe

A silk robe is a must-have for those all-important 'getting ready' photos, so you may need to gift this to your bride the day before the wedding - perhaps you can switch the present-swapping moment to the night before, before she disappears with her bridesmaids for the night.

She'll feel super luxurious floating around on the big day in her silk robe, and on the plus side, it's a timeless and stylish gift that she can wear again and again in the future. Go for real silk if you can, which is more expensive, but much better quality, and will last forever if taken care of.


Hopefully, this guide has helped to point you in the right direction of the best wedding gift for your bride!

As a general rule, vintage gold jewelry in a pretty gift box is a beautiful choice for a special wedding day gift, but you don't have to stick to tradition. Giving gifts is a perfect way to enjoy a few minutes as a couple before your guests begin to arrive, and you start your life together as newlyweds. Have fun, and happy gift shopping!

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