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Another's Legacy collection of precious estate jewelry would not be complete without a catalog of vintage gold pendants for women. Even though these are some of the smallest pieces of jewelry in our store, we have to appreciate their huge significance and the special meaning they tend to have for their owners. Sometimes, these pendants can be even more important and beloved for their owners than a solid gold necklace they are hanging from. It's because the outer form and monetary value are not the most important assets for pendants.
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The stunning women's pendants are typically loved and treasured mainly for their significance and symbolic meaning, both of which can be both general and individual. In terms of individual value, many women associate a pendant with some special occasion, memory, or the person who presented them with this jewel. Vintage gold pendants for women from our collection are, therefore, also incredibly rewarding gifts. But how to choose the best one? We have a few tips that can come in handy.


Whether you are looking for the best vintage pendant for yourself or you need to find a lovely gift for some other woman in your life, your options are vast and mostly very universal. The key to success is finding a piece that will perfectly match both the taste and sense of fashion of the new owner of the pendant, as well as her character, lifestyle, and philosophy. If you succeed, the pendant may not only become its owner's new favorite jewelry but one day, it can even be turned into a cherished heirloom, passed from generation to generation.

However, the chain, necklace, or even the bracelet you plan to wear your new pendant on should also be an important factor in your decision. Ideally, the chain and the pendant should sport exactly the same tone of gold and a similar character. In general, the more intricate and decorative the pendant you choose, the better it will suit a simple and minimalistic necklace. If you, however, own a neckpiece with an ornamental and eye-catching design, you should consider pairing it with a very simple pendant for the most harmonic effect.

Of course, matching your new pendant with the right necklace is not just about the aesthetics. A bold, robust vintage gold pendant will most likely also be on the heavier side, so it should not hang on a chain as thin as a hair. Vice versa, a subtle pendant will not shine in all its beauty if you combine it with a robust and dominant chain.


Women's vintage pendants are classic, timeless pieces of jewelry that should not be missed in any jewelry box. But how to choose the right motif in the most suitable design? As you can see when browsing our catalog, some motifs appear repeatedly, revealing their timelessness and universal appeal.

One of the most popular types of pendant is a gold cross, which comes in a wide range of designs. Women usually choose this style as a symbol of their faith and to commemorate their origin or ancestry. Nevertheless, the cross can also be considered a versatile and noble symbol of eternal life and spirituality. Younger women often prefer very simple and neat cross pendants, whereas older generations may be happier with the ornamental beauty of the famous Dagmar cross pendants. Some particularly decorative pieces may even be studded with fine stones, ranging from colorful emeralds and sapphires to translucent, shiny diamonds of all sizes.

Other trendy styles include small elephants, believed to bring luck and protection, or charms representing their owners' astrological signs. Browse our collection and find your new vintage gold pendant for women today.