Are you looking for a versatile type of solid gold anchor chain jewelry that will be just as much in style today in a year or a decade from now? Do you need a luxurious yet tasteful gift that will suit every taste? Or do you want a piece of jewelry that you can wear to work every day and feel at ease wearing when you go out for drinks or attend some special event? The vintage solid gold anchor chain jewelry from Another's Legacy ticks all the boxes and much more.
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The anchor chain is a perfectly versatile jewelry that never goes out of fashion. This simple, timeless design is inspired by the maritime anchor, mimicking the structure of its chain. Naturally, it is very popular, particularly with men, who seek this pattern mainly in the form of stylish bracelets. This design can often please even men who otherwise don't appreciate jewelry at all.

The anchor chain jewelry is certainly not reserved exclusively for men. A vintage gold anchor bracelet, for example, looks equally nice on a female wrist, although commonly being more subtle and ornamental compared to its male counterpart. Regardless of your gender, age, or lifestyle, you will easily fall for these classic chain pieces of jewelry, too.


Above, we have already mentioned probably the most famous and beloved types of vintage solid gold anchor jewelry in our offer: bracelets of various thicknesses, lengths, and shades of gold, with a variety of classic and decorative clasps.

But nothing complements such a stylish bracelet better than a lovely vintage anchor chain necklace, which, thanks to the versatility of this pattern, is very easy to match. Our collection of carefully selected pre-owned jewelry contains stunning anchor link chains in a wide range of designs and lengths. There are sleek, long, and thin chain necklaces that go perfectly well with a range of attractive pendants, allowing their owners to customize their overall look to the maximum. Moreover, there are also chunky and bold nieces that are usually shorter, lavishly sparkling just below the line of your collarbone.

Our vast collection also allows you to pick your preferred color of precious metal, ranging from a classic yellow 14k gold anchor chain to modern rose and white gold alternatives.


You can choose a beautiful anchor chain necklace separately or combine it with one of the matching vintage bracelets from our catalog to create a perfect custom-made set. This is also an excellent tip for a precious gift for someone special. And, as we've already hinted above, you can also complete such a set with a stylish preloved charm or pendant from Another's Legacy. So, let's take a brief look at the kind of pendants that are just right for chains with an anchor design.

As you can certainly guess, a vintage solid gold anchor chain couples exceptionally well with any pendant in marine design. Lovely gold anchors dangling from your anchor chain necklace will look as if they were made exactly for this purpose. A smaller charm with an anchor motif will also look very nice on your estate anchor bracelet, of course.

But there are certainly some other great pendant styles you can combine with this simple yet sleek chain jewelry. A traditional cross in both minimalistic and ornamental designs; a heart pendant, either solid or as a silhouette; a gold elephant, which is traditionally attributed to bring good fortune to its owner; and so on. Create a perfect set, and let the vintage solid gold anchor jewelry be a central piece of your outfit.