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Vintage Gold Ball Chain Necklaces

Those who enjoy contemporary and versatile jewelry certainly should not miss Another's Legacy's extensive collection of beautiful vintage gold ball chain necklaces. These stylish and trendy chains in an unmistakable design go very well with practically any attire and are loved by both men and women. Explore our attractive range of yellow-gold, rose-gold, and white-gold ball chain necklaces in 8k, 14k, or 18k purity.
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Ball chain is certainly one of the most unique and contemporary chain designs in our extensive catalog. The snake link or toilet chain, as this style of jewelry, is sometimes referred to among people, probably won't be everyone's favorite. In comparison with the more intricate and sophisticated styles such as the Bismarck chain link, Geneva chain, or X-Link chain style, the endless rope of tiny, perfectly even gold balls can simply look a bit unassuming. Nevertheless, those who can appreciate its minimalistic, versatile, and probably even slightly cheeky design often won't settle for anything else.

Unlike some of the more flashy and opulent jewels, the estate gold ball chain necklaces from our collection can be conveniently worn every day and practically anywhere. The design looks very nice when paired with a classic office look, smart casual clothes, or even your favorite party attire. Moreover, the chains are usually relatively long, so you always have the option to hide the necklace into your cleavage if you feel like it is not appropriate.

On the contrary, it is also very easy to make the necklace more visible by combining it with some striking necklace of your choice. Our catalog offers you a vast range of vintage solid gold crosses, elephants, tags, astrological signs, and other popular designs that would pair with this necklace seamlessly. In short, this universal design can be adjusted in many different ways, ensuring that you can confidently wear it every single day.


Once you have no doubts about this unique chain style being your best option, it is time to pick the model that would suit you the most. Our vintage solid gold ball necklaces come in many different thicknesses, so you can freely decide between the subtle and robust versions of this jewel. In many cases, men automatically pick the thicker necklaces, considering them more masculine, whereas women often prefer more delicate and elegant chains in thinner designs. But there are no hard rules when it comes to your personal style. Just pick the option you find more attractive.

And what about the necklace's color? In most cases, the preloved ball chain necklaces in our store come in classic yellow-gold style. This is the most common type of gold jewelry, in general, so if you want to wear your new chain along with some other gold jewels, the chances are high that they will fit together very well. Nevertheless, some differences are possible here, too. Whereas our yellow-gold necklaces made of 8k or 14k gold are usually very bright and quite light in color, the jewels with a higher purity of gold, such as the 18k or 21k solid gold necklaces, can appear slightly warmer and darker.

You have some other options, too, such as elegant white gold or romantic rose gold. In either case, the vintage gold ball chain necklace looks incredibly good and boasts great combinability. Choose one of our carefully handpicked, meticulously authenticated, and professionally cleaned vintage gold ball chain necklaces and find your new favorite jewel.