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If you want something truly unique, you need to think about vintage gold block jewelry. Strong, bold, and durable, these pieces in our preloved collection are versatile. A gold block necklace or bracelet can add a bold statement to your regular outfit or can add a strong and professional vibe to your work outfits. A classic look, gold block jewelry looks good on everyone.
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Gold block jewelry makes a big statement. Our vintage gold block jewelry collection is packed with stunning, strong pieces that look good on both men and women. You can wear a block necklace to switch up your daily wear (a gold necklace always looks good with a sharp white tee). Or, you can wear them to the office to give you a little power boost. Gold block jewelry is eye-catching and strong, and our preloved collection has some stunning pieces.

Gold block jewelry, worn with the right outfit, can give a laid-back chic kind of vibe; just throw it on with your regular outfit and add a stunning little accent to your whole look, without thinking about it too hard. They're big and solid, but easy to wear, and they add a bit of zest and life to your everyday wardrobe.

Our gently worn collection includes both necklaces and bracelets, and each piece has been carefully inspected to determine the quality and carat before we prepare them for a new home.


Gold block jewelry consists of thick gold bars interlinked in an eye-catching pattern. They're robust and strong, and feel comfortable to wear, but they definitely make more of a statement than finer chains, so they're not for the faint-hearted.

Our gently worn collection is surprisingly versatile; while they are strong pieces, they work alone or together. So you can rock one necklace with an otherwise casual outfit, or wear a bracelet with your work suit for the occasional flash of gold. One piece can work strongly alone.

But on the other hand, you can stack them with other jewelry for a bolder look. Block bracelets look good next to slightly thinner gold bracelets, and varying the width can create an interesting textured look. Or you can wear gold bracelets with signet rings or other chunky gold pieces.

Necklaces also look good layered with chains of different thicknesses (like snake chains, for example) for a strongly stylish, eye-catching vibe. Depending on your style, you can pull this look off in both casual and formal settings.


There are several advantages to buying vintage gold block jewelry from our collection at Another's Legacy. Gold block jewelry can be expensive, especially if they are of a higher carat, and they are definitely investment pieces when it comes to price. But if you go for a pre-loved piece, you'll have access to some gorgeous pieces for a lower price, and while they have been worn before, the quality is great.

We carefully inspect every single piece that comes our way, using an X-ray to determine the carat. We only choose the best pieces for our curated collection, so whether you're buying for yourself or someone else, you can trust the quality, which is always something to think about when you're buying online.

Buying vintage gold is a good investment for the future, and these pieces are classic, so they can be passed down through the generations or given as a gift for a special (and very lucky) person in your life. Shop our vintage gold block jewelry collection today for a truly special piece.