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Vintage gold men's cross pendants are a classic addition to any chain necklace in Another's Legacy collection. This traditional jewel may be small in size, but for its owners, it usually has huge importance and special meaning. Choosing the right piece is, therefore, a great challenge. In our catalog, every man can find a cross pendant to their taste. From simple, minimalistic pieces to ornamental and lavish crosses in 8k, 14k, and 18k gold.
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The cross is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world and has an incredibly long and impressive history. Crosses originally embody the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and have been worn as such since the earliest days of Christian history. Even today, of course, they are primarily worn as a symbol of their wearer's faith and beliefs, but also as a kind of cultural or family heritage from their ancestors. For their owners, they often have almost sacred significance.

At the same time, a traditional vintage gold cross pendant for men can also serve as a personal amulet or a mojo for good fortune. And last but not least, it is also a beautiful aesthetic addition to any outfit. But how do you choose the right one that would really compliment you or suit someone else you want to give it to as a gift?

First of all, you have to choose the right vintage cross pendant style. The most universal and popular choice is the traditional, very minimalistic but still highly impressive cross. Just two crossed gold bars for a perfectly timeless impression. Such a simple yet alluring pendant can be smaller or huge, thin or thick - depending on how flashy and prominent the jewel the customer desires.


Would you like your cross pendant to be slightly more intricate and decorative? Vintage gold Dagmar cross pendants for men are a wonderful choice. This very distinctive, beautifully rounded design feels almost like an old relic, which is further emphasized by the fact that it already comes with some history in our estate jewelry collection.

These stunning pendants go very well with simple chain necklaces in classic Figaro, Anchor, or Venezia styles, but combinations with some of our intricate vintage Bismarck or Byzantine patterns would work just as well. Such a lavish and sophisticated set would certainly attract many curious looks and bring you many compliments.


When choosing the right vintage solid gold cross pendant for men from our vast offer, you will certainly also consider its color. Of course, the vast majority of pieces in our collection are made of classic yellow-tone gold, which can have slightly different hues based on the number of karats, ranging from 8k through 14k to 18k.

Those who look for something a bit more unusual and special certainly should not miss the rose gold cross pendants from our collection. The combination of this warm color tone, the noble significance of this pendant, and its vintage origin is very powerful and attractive.

Occasionally, you may also come across white gold cross pendants. They are a great choice for those who want to combine the pendant with a white-gold or even silver necklace, boasting a versatile and modern elegance. Find the best vintage gold men's cross pendant at Another's Legacy today.