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Pendants are one of the smallest types of jewelry in size, but at the same time, one of the greatest in terms of popularity. For many people, they have an almost sacred meaning, becoming a precious amulet or a mojo without which they cannot imagine a single day of their lives. Sometimes, these subtle pieces of shiny precious metal also function as a beautiful statement of their owner's faith, as is the case with the stunning vintage gold Dagmar cross pendants from Another's Legacy collection.
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Whether you came to our store specifically for these pieces or you just accidentally stumbled upon them, they surely caught your attention at first glance. It is simply something special; there is no competition for this specific type of pendant in modern jewelry-making, and one can almost physically feel it's priceless value and significance.

After all, the Dagmar cross is truly a special piece of jewelry with a rich and impressive history. Inspired by the 11th-century Byzantine reliquary, this pendant with distinctive ornamental decoration and delicately rounded silhouette is typically used as a gift to commemorate an important moment or serve as spiritual protection. If you are looking for a perfect present for someone who is about to be baptized or confirmed, a dagmar cross pendant is an excellent choice. But even those who do not practice any religion can undoubtedly appreciate the artistic aesthetics of this lovely jewel.


Fashion trends in the field of jewelry are constantly changing and evolving, and that certainly affects the field of gold pendants, too. But some designs are just so impeccable that they have not needed to be tweaked or changed for many centuries. Among such special types of jewelry are definitely the vintage gold Dagmar cross pendants, which you can now see in their full glory, and many interesting designs in the Another's Legacy catalog.

Although this pendant is unique and distinctive, you will probably be surprised how flawlessly it matches all types of chain necklaces with different patterns and designs. From the timeless Figaro and Anchor chain designs to modern and trendy rope chain necklaces and Bismarck patterns, you cannot really go wrong with either of these styles. Just make sure to pick the right gold tone to create a perfect custom-made set. Our collection of carefully selected preloved gold Dagmar crosses contains bright yellow gold pieces but also pendants with darker-toned gold, and occasionally, you may even encounter a rare piece made of rose gold or white gold alloys.


When deciding on one or the other vintage gold Dagmar cross pendant from our rich offer, you certainly want to consider the size of the chosen pendant. First of all, a bigger pendant means more attention. Massive and immediately noticeable pieces are therefore an ideal choice for people who like more extravagant jewelry and have an adequately thick and strong chain already prepared for such a pendant. The second good reason why you should take note of the size of your new Dagmar cross is the variability of its use. Smaller variations on this piece can also be worn as a stylish gold charm on a bracelet or anklet, for example, while large pieces should only be worn around the neck.

But whether you choose a small and delicate piece or an impressive large pendant that will dominate your look, this little treasure will certainly become one of the most cherished pieces in your jewelry box.