Shop Vintage Gold Stud Earrings for Women

Shop Vintage Gold Stud Earrings for Women

Vintage gold stud earrings for women from Another's Legacy boast a timeless allure characterized by versatile sophistication and endless variability. Our carefully curated selection of these popular earrings contains dozens of solid gold pieces of various carats, including 8k, 14k, 18k, and more. From minimalistic pieces for everyday wear to exquisite diamond pieces, discover your new vintage studs here and now.
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If you are looking for versatile and, at the same time, highly individual and stylish pieces of jewelry, this is a great place to find what you want. Antique gold stud earrings in our collection are truly outstanding pieces that showcase the ideal combination of traditional appeal and trendiness. This makes them an excellent style for anyone who can appreciate the magnificence and uniqueness of vintage jewelry and likes the idea of incorporating it into their everyday look.

Most of the antique stud earrings for women in our collection are perfectly suitable for everyday wear. They are small in size yet great in style and appearance, working as a shiny addition to your outfit. They will effortlessly elevate your style, seamlessly complementing both informal and formal attire, so the opportunities to wear and enjoy them are virtually endless.

Some of the most popular designs of vintage stud earrings include simple styles inspired by geometrical shapes: tiny circles, triangles, rectangular shapes, or squares are perfectly universal and easy to wear with any type of outfit. Other popular minimalistic vintage studs in our collection are inspired by nature – floral designs, small gold variations on animals, bees, and so on.

What many ladies love about these is that they don't reveal their glamor right at first sight. Sometimes, you need to lean close to them and look at all their details to understand what they represent. In this way, tiny earrings provide a double dose of aesthetic experience and can even be quite a nice starter of conversation.


Vintage stud earrings are relatively subtle compared to classic dangle earrings, so many women do not consider them their first choice when it comes to special occasions and glamorous events. In some cases, however, even such small jewels are valuable and captivating enough to truly stand out alongside a lavish evening gown and other luxurious accessories. Such jewelry, which can make a particularly strong impression, certainly includes vintage stud gold earrings with precious gemstones.

In Another's Legacy, we offer an exceptional range of carefully hand-picked gemstone jewelry. Our studs, decorated with colorful stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other gems, shine and sparkle beautifully in women's ears and from afar, indicating that she is a lady with excellent taste who knows what suits her.

Of course, the strongest impression will be made by genuine diamonds, which can also be admired on many of our earrings. Thanks to their transparent color, they can be combined with any clothes. They are suitable for the most special occasions and can be proudly shown off even in the fanciest societies. All you have to do is decide on their shape and overall representation.

But besides the stones and shapes of your new women's vintage stud earrings from our store, you can also freely decide on the hue, color, and level of purity of the precious metal they are made of. Many people prefer classic 8k, 14k, or 18k yellow gold jewelry because of its combinability and striking shine, but rose gold or white gold are also great options, attracting curiosity and breathing originality. Choose the one that suits your taste, and let these beautiful jewels spice up your every look.