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Precious stones have been admired for thousands of years for their charm and value, as well as their symbolism and significance. They can easily allure you with their mesmerizing colors - sometimes, one can hardly believe that something so distinctive and colorful could have been formed hundreds of meters below the surface. However, their full charm and potential will only fully emerge when combined with precious metal and the artistic skill of the hands of professional jewelers. Discover our unique collection of vintage gold gemstone rings and make yourself or someone you care about happy with this little treasure.
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Beautiful solid gold gemstone rings from Another's Legacy are decorated with precious and semi-precious gems of all sizes, colors, and shapes. When choosing the right one for you or a loved one, you can follow many different criteria. Among the most intriguing are certainly the traits and characteristics that have been attributed to each of the precious stones since ancient times.

A vintage solid gold ring with radiant ruby, for example, represents passion, love, and romance, making it an ideal choice when you're looking for noble promise jewelry or a gift for your significant other to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Nevertheless, thanks to its bright red color, ruby is also believed to have a positive impact on the health of our blood circuit and heart.

If you opt for one of our stunning preowned vintage rings with glamorous sapphire, you will get a jewel with a gemstone that is associated with wisdom, nobility, and mystery. Our ancestors believed it had the power to cure headaches and calm its owner's mind. Perhaps that's why these beautiful blue stones were often featured in royal jewelry.

In our extensive collection of vintage gemstone rings, you can also find beautiful pieces with majestic onyx, which is particularly popular among gentlemen. It can often be found, for example, on robust signet rings, where it symbolizes the wisdom, discretion, and majesty of its wearer. Such vintage rings are especially popular in dark black but note that onyx is also highly charming in lighter shades of brown. Whatever your taste, you're sure to find a perfect piece for you in our collection.


Our preloved gemstone rings shine in both minimalist and extravagant designs and are an impeccable gift for that special person in your life. Moreover, you can rest assured that each and every piece you admire in our catalog has been thoroughly checked and authenticated to ensure our customers always get only the highest quality and value. Our vintage rings made of 8k, 14k, 18k, or 21k gold in various shades of color are also always ultrasonically cleaned to ensure that their brilliance and beauty will shine to their fullest.

Some of the pieces in our collection are minimalistic and timeless, perfectly fit for everyday wear, and effortlessly combinable with virtually any other jewelry or accessories. However, we also offer unique extravagant jewelry whose robustness, expressiveness, and flamboyant flair perfectly suit various special occasions. They will perfectly complement your formal attire and surely earn you many compliments and curious questions.

In Another's Legacy, we have the perfect gently worn gemstone rings for all ladies and gentlemen who can appreciate the uniqueness of older jewelry that you will hardly find in modern jewelry stores today.