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Sapphires are one-of-a-kind, and our vintage sapphire engagement ring collection is stunning. Buying a preloved engagement ring will allow you to access some truly unique and incredible pieces for a lower price than buying new. And there's a good reason for choosing sapphires: they represent some incredible characteristics like strength, wisdom, and power. For the person who prefers something more unusual than diamonds, sapphire engagement rings are a good choice.
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Vintage sapphire engagement rings are stunning. If your bride-to-be prefers something a bit more colorful and unusual than a diamond, sapphires are the perfect option. The rings in our collection are beautiful, and whether you're looking for the classic one-stone ring or something a bit more unusual, buying vintage is a good option.

Preloved engagement rings make sense for many reasons. Buying gently worn pieces makes the price of gold and sapphires much more affordable, giving you access to gorgeous pieces that may have been out of reach if you were buying new. Plus, you will be giving a new home to a previously loved piece that is beautiful and very easy to wear.

Buying engagement rings online can feel like a risk, but if you do buy from us, you can trust that our experts have carefully inspected each ring to determine the stone type, the quality, and the karat of every single piece. This means that you can invest in these pieces knowing that they will hold their value and be special enough to pass down through the family if that's what you want to do.


Sapphire engagement rings are famous in history and culture. For example, Kate Middleton has a stunning sapphire engagement ring: this incredible stone was originally worn by Princess Diana and has roots back through the royal lineage for hundreds of years. A very stunning piece to wear.

There are other famous sapphires, too, like the famous diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring presented to Napoleon's partner, Josephine. This ring - now known as the toi-et-mi design with two stones next to each other - sparked a trend of similar engagement rings that are still popular today.

Buying a preloved sapphire engagement ring is symbolic. Sapphires are said to represent characteristics like strength, power, royalty, and divine favor. For your wise, independent and unique bride-to-be, a sapphire engagement ring will suit her perfectly, and the color is stunning, suiting every skin tone too. They look good with all outfits and styles, and they make for beautiful pieces to wear forever, either alongside a wedding band or on the other hand.


You can go for a traditional band with one stone: this displays the stunning sapphire itself, allowing the stone to take center stage. These look like traditional diamond engagement rings, but with an interesting color twist and a deeply symbolic stone instead of the diamond in the center.

But if your partner likes diamonds too, you can go for a gold band studded with diamonds with a sapphire in the middle. This is a beautiful, elegant option that still gives you the sparkle and glamor of diamonds while also showcasing the gorgeous sapphire. Or you can go for a sapphire-studded band that will slot nicely next to a gold wedding band in the future.

Whether you're going for something unusual or traditional, you can browse our collection to find something perfect for your soon-to-be bride: if you want something powerful, interesting, and unique, a vintage sapphire engagement ring is the way to go, and buying preloved allows you to access gorgeous pieces at more accessible prices.