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Solid Gold Stone rings are not only beautiful and valuable additions to your glamorous look, but they are also believed to hold a special symbolic significance. This mainly depends on the type of precious stone and the ring style you select. Will it be something timeless, trendy, or more traditional, with a beautifully old-fashioned patina and a noble soul? In Another's Legacy, your options are nearly endless.
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Our vast collection of mesmerizing, carefully hand-picked stone rings will please every taste and cater to a variety of different occasions. Choose the right one, and you will get not only a visually appealing and high-value item but also a precious talisman that will someday become a dearly treasured heirloom for your descendants.


If you're considering buying a vintage stone ring, it's probably because you're not only concerned about the beauty and value of the jewelry itself but also about its uniqueness. In general, vintage jewelry tends to be preferred mainly by people with a strongly evolved sense of individualism, who are always looking for originality instead of going with the flow.

Another's Legacy's vast collection of hand-picked preloved gold rings with precious stones can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. All you have to do is decide what criteria you will use to choose your dream ring.

Of course, when it comes to stone rings, people usually seek a specific type of gemstone. In addition to your personal taste or current fashion trends, you can also be guided by the fascinating symbolism and alleged mystique powers of the individual stones.

If, for example, you present a vintage ruby gold ring to the woman of your heart, you are expressing your passion, romantic love, and lifelong commitment to her. But this precious stone, adored by people all over the world for many centuries, is also a symbol of vitality, strength, and positive energy, making an estate ruby ring a perfect personal talisman for a man, too.

Mesmerizing blue sapphire is another popular choice when it comes to previously owned stone rings. Ancient Greeks wore jewelry with this alluring stone when they sought wisdom and good fortune, and sapphire continues to carry its reputation of being a mystical, immensely noble stone to this day. Moreover, this gemstone is also closely associated with royal history: Perhaps the most famous sapphire ring of all time is the one Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana on the occasion of their engagement in 1981.


Let's stay with the engagement for a while longer. This beautiful occasion is, after all, one of the most common reasons why people choose to buy vintage stone rings. Of course, in this case, the number one choice is a classic diamond ring.

This elegant, alluring, and intriguing expression of one's devotion is a beautiful tradition that can be traced back at least to the 15th century. Of course, in the Middle Ages, a diamond engagement ring was an exclusive privilege of the wealthiest aristocracy. But today, with the availability of affordable vintage stone rings, almost anyone can put a beautiful sparkling diamond on their beloved partner's finger.

But let's not assume that vintage stone rings are reserved only for women. The Another's Legacy catalog features dozens of magnificent men's solid gold rings with a variety of precious gemstones, including diamond engagement rings for men.

Explore our collection of pre owned stone rings with character and discover the perfect piece for yourself or anyone you want to make happy.