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If you want to find a truly special piece, shop our vintage 14k gold pearl necklace collection. There are some preloved pieces here to suit everyone, whether you're looking for something delicate and feminine, or chunkier and a bit more edgy. Pearls represent strength, wisdom, beauty, and the journey of becoming a wiser and stronger person. Strongly associated with the moon and the ocean, pearls are timeless for good reason.
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Gold and pearls are a classic combination. Whether it's a pearl ring, earrings, or a stunning pendant, pearls are beautiful and symbolic. Our collection of vintage 14k gold pearl necklaces suit all styles, too. Pearls are feminine and delicate, but they are surprisingly versatile, too.

A simple pearl on a delicate gold chain is timeless. You can wear it to work, for special events, or just with your everyday wardrobe. This would be the perfect gift, too, for any woman in your life. If you're looking for a coming-of-age gift for your daughter, sister, or niece, pearls are a solid option that they can wear with everything.

But if you're shopping for something a little edgier, pearls can still fit the bill. Go for a chunkier necklace with other precious stones, or a geometric pendant with a pearl in the center. There are ways to bring pearls into a less delicate style, and you can rock them with all kinds of outfits.


Pearls are highly symbolic. They are associated with beauty, purity, and love, making them a gorgeous wedding gift for a bride. However, they have a deeper meaning, too. Pearls are said to represent wisdom through experience, which is perfect for somebody who has gone through a tough time and comes out the other side.

Pearls are strongly associated with the ocean, of course, because of their origin. They're also closely linked to the moon, which is mostly down to the shape and color of freshwater pearls. If you love the idea of this connection to the moon and the ocean, then a pearl necklace is a nice way to express that side of you.

If you have been through a long journey and you want to reward yourself, a pearl is perfect. Representing someone who is going through an ongoing journey to growth, you can symbolize this moment in your life with a pearl, and remember your own strength every time you wear it.


The great thing about 14-karat gold is that it's hard-wearing, but still lovely to look at. It's not so soft that you have to be super careful with it, and you can wear these pieces every single day and they will hold up well. Whereas if you go for a higher karat, you may need to make sure that you hold and store them a little more gently.

At Another's Legacy, we use an X-ray to determine the karat of each piece. We also closely check them for flaws, too, including every gemstone, diamond, and setting. This means that while these pieces are previously worn, they are stunning and ready to be worn by someone new. Buying preloved pieces online can feel like a risk, which is why it's important to buy them from a trusted source.

Buying vintage gives you access to some beautiful pearl necklaces without the price tag attached to buying them brand new. Plus, you get to go treasure hunting for some stunning pieces that nobody else has. If you want something truly unique, there's something here for you.

Browse our collection today - you could find a lovely piece, whether you're shopping for yourself or for someone you love.