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Not everyone likes traditional yellow gold, and a vintage white gold wedding band is perfect for the couple who are looking for something more modern. Looking a little like platinum but with the craftsmanship and skill of yellow gold, our collection is made of beautiful, unique pieces that suit both bride and groom. If you want something a little more unusual, this is a good place to start your search.
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White gold has a sophisticated kind of look. Containing gold, but mixed with silver or zinc, it has a cooler look that is quite similar to platinum. If you love the look of platinum, or you just find that cooler tones suit you more than the warmth of yellow gold, white gold is a really stunning choice that can work for you as a couple.

Plus, white gold doesn't tarnish or corrode like other metals, which means that with a little bit of love and care, you can keep them forever, passing them down through the generations if that is what you want to do. White gold is perhaps slightly more modern than yellow gold, but our preloved bands are still stylish and beautiful.

Vintage white gold is really stunning and looks good on everyone, and if you want to access high-quality white gold at a more accessible price, buying preloved pieces makes a lot of sense.


White gold is supposed to represent purity, beauty and innocence; whether or not you find significance in that is of course up to you, but it does make for a fitting choice for wedding rings. Plus, it's fitting because vintage white gold wedding rings really are beautiful to look at, and easy to wear every single day.

The fun thing about shopping for wedding bands is that you can have a think about what suits you as a couple. Do you like classic, simple, streamlined white gold bands of a high quality? Or do you prefer something unique and quirky, perhaps like Ole Lynggard rings? Or perhaps you like to have diamonds in your wedding band? You can decide together.

There's no hard and fast rule here, and you don't have to have exactly matching rings. You can shop for something that suits both of your personalities, and if you stick with the same metal, they'll still look good together, and they'll match each other in terms of color and materials.


If you don't like the color of yellow gold, you might think that you have fewer options. But if you buy preloved pieces, you can enjoy the traditional quality of yellow gold and the heritage that comes with it, while also enjoying a piece that suits your skin tone and style. Buying vintage may give you access to some seriously beautiful pieces, and they are gently worn which means they still look great.

All of the gold rings that come our way at Another's Legacy are carefully inspected for quality and karat. Everything from signs of wear and tear to the markings to the stone and the settings are inspected carefully, cleaned, and prepared to be moved on to a new home. You can see them close up in the photographs, so you can decide for yourself if they are right for you.

Buying vintage is great if you want to find something unique, too. Why go for something everyone else has when you can find something unusual instead? Shop our vintage white gold wedding band collection today to find something to suit you, both as individuals and couples.