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Some people prefer the lighter look of white gold, and it has a unique, sophisticated vibe that suits both men and women. White gold is pretty and looks similar to platinum, while still maintaining the heritage and tradition of yellow gold. Our vintage white gold necklaces are beautiful, ranging from stylish, low-key snake chains to stunning pendants that look incredible for a more formal event: there's something to suit everyone here.
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White gold is a stunning choice if yellow gold isn't your thing. Sophisticated and classic, our collection of preloved pieces is just the thing if you want something kind of unusual. From simple pendants that look stunning with an evening dress to trendy snake chains that go with everyday wear, if you're a white gold fan, you should find something to suit you in our fantastic collection of gently worn white gold necklaces.

White gold isn't made naturally. Other materials, like silver or zinc, are added to yellow gold to create that unique, warm-silvery look. But because they still have a base of gold, they're high-quality and will last for a long time if you can take care of them properly. It doesn't tarnish or corrode which means you can safely pass them down through the generations if you want to.

Some people don't like the color of yellow gold or find that it doesn't suit their complexion. But white gold is good because it offers a lighter, cooler color while still having the craftsmanship and traditional techniques of yellow gold. Plus it does tend to be cheaper than platinum, while still offering the same kind of vibe.

White gold pieces are good gifts, too, so you can pick something up for a loved one from our vintage collection for a special occasion.


A white gold pendant - particularly one studded with diamonds! - is perfect for a subtle bit of sparkle for a special event. Pendants are symbolic and can mark all kinds of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and so on. And the good thing about white gold is that it does look chic and sophisticated and still has the quality of yellow gold.

Our vintage carefully curated collection of white gold snake chains are worth checking out, too. They have a strong, bold look that looks stylish on anyone. It has a masculine look but looks good with everything from a little black dress to jeans and a plain tee. Truly versatile, and our pieces are of a high quality, too.

White gold is actually easy to care for, too. Just use a soft brush (like a baby toothbrush) and a little water, and leave to dry completely before wearing them again. You can store your necklaces as you would regular gold, although we would recommend storing them separately from the rest of your jewelry, as they are slightly more prone to tarnishing.


Our vintage pieces have already been carefully cleaned and looked after by our experts. We meticulously inspect each piece to determine the carat, so you can relax knowing that our pieces are of the highest quality. With white gold pieces ranging from 8 to 18 carats, there should be something to suit your budget.

The good thing about buying preloved pieces is that you're giving them a new home, rather than buying new; this saves a piece of jewelry from being lost and forgotten, and it gives you access to some stylish, high-quality white gold necklaces at a lower cost than buying new. So if you've always liked the look of white gold but found it to be slightly out of your price range, you can shop our collection to find something that fits your style.