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You can't go wrong with a gold chain. Our vintage men's 18k solid gold chains are the perfect gift, or just a great addition to your existing jewelry collection. Truly versatile, they go with just about everything, from your casual everyday wear to special events. For a good investment that will stay in style for a long time to come, shop our preloved 18k gold chain necklace collection.
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Our collection of vintage men's 18k solid gold chains are versatile. A classic gold chain suits all wardrobes; you really can't go wrong. Whether you want to bring an element of interest to your everyday jeans-and-tee outfit, you want to add some interest to your workwear, or you're going out to a special event, a solid gold chain suits all of it.

Different chain types have subtly different vibes. For example, the anchor chains tend to be lighter and more subtle, and are perfect for layering with other pieces. Byzantine and venezia chain necklaces are thicker and stronger and have a bold look. Snake chains meanwhile provide a solid gold line that is eye-catching while being versatile enough to go with everything.

The good thing about 18k gold necklaces is that they are an investment. These are high-value and beautiful pieces that, with a little bit of care, will last you for many years to come. As you age and your style shifts, these vintage gold chains will still go with your look, so you can hold onto them and even pass them down to future generations if you want to.


If you want to buy vintage online, it can feel like a risk. Of course, it's nice to be able to see pieces in person before you buy. But at Another's Legacy, our team of experts carefully check each piece. We inspect them for flaws, X-ray them to determine the karat, and prepare them ready to be worn by someone new.

And the advantage of buying vintage is that you can access high-quality pieces at a lower price. This means that you can build up your collection of quality gold jewelry without the costs that come with buying new, and vintage gold is pretty timeless - you can find something that works just as well in 2024 as it did back when it was new.

Buying vintage gives you access to some interesting pieces that you might not be able to find anywhere else, either. So if you're after a unique 18k gold chain, going for a preloved piece is a good choice to make.


18-karat gold is special. With a high gold content of around 75%, this makes it more valuable than lower karats. This means they're more valuable, and they have a gorgeous color. 18k gold pieces make for incredible gifts for this reason.

However, you will need to take a little more care of 18k gold. It's still robust, but it is softer than lower karats. Luckily, gold care is pretty straightforward. You just need to clean them gently every now and then to maintain the perfect color. You should also store them carefully to avoid any scratches.

A vintage men's 18k solid gold chain would be the perfect gift for a special occasion. A birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or a graduation are all good occasions for a gold chain. Shop our fine, curated vintage collection today to find the ideal gift or just a pick-me-up for yourself.