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A solid classic gold necklace stands out as one of the most sought-after pieces of women's jewelry. It is versatile, timeless, and trendy, and it comes in hundreds of different styles that suit all types of wearers and occasions. Discover our exquisite selection of vintage gold necklaces for women of all tastes and find your new favorite jewel. Or shop for an unbeatable gift for some special woman in your life.
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Our unique pre-owned jewelry not only offers a nice visual appeal and an opportunity for a valuable investment but also boasts an exceptional charm and originality that brand-new jewels sometimes lack.


Necklaces are one of those jewels you can easily wear every day, whether you choose to show them proudly to the whole world or hide them discretely under your collar. The best example of such a versatile and convenient necklace is a simple yet extremely sophisticated vintage chain necklace, which can be found in Another's Legacy in dozens of vibrant designs.

Women of all ages love to wear them either solo or with a pendant of their choice. It can be a cross for protection, an elephant for good fortune, your zodiac sign, or a medallion with the initials of someone special.

Our customers love long vintage gold chain necklaces that, dangling low on their wearer's chest, become a solid part of their outfit. But if you find such a long necklace uncomfortable, there are many beautiful short estate necklaces in our collection that are exactly to your taste.

Our meticulously curated selection of vintage gold chains has all the favored designs. The stylish Bismarck chains in beautiful vintage style are ideal for those looking for something confident and expressive, which particularly applies to the wide and robust pieces encircling the neck right at the level of collarbones. Trendy gold block or brick necklaces are yet another example of bold neckpieces that go well with both casual and formal attire.

If you are hoping for something more delicate, though, the soft and feminine Venezia chain or the classic Anchor chain are going to be your favorites. These popular designs never go out of style, as our exquisite preowned gold necklaces proudly demonstrate.


Besides the aforementioned classic gold chains, our collection of vintage jewelry also contains dozens of lavish women's neckpieces for special occasions - and special tastes. If you, for example, dream of something truly elegant and timeless, you cannot go wrong with pearls. Their alluring raw appeal pairs very well with natural feminine glamour. A vintage pearl necklace also looks equally good on a younger female and a mature lady, so it's an investment for many decades to come.

Are you ready to shine even a bit more? A vintage diamond necklace is the ultimate choice for those who won't settle for anything but the best. Beautiful and luxurious necklaces covered with sparkling brilliants are usually worn only for the most special events and occasions, so despite being previously owned, our vintage diamond necklaces are always in perfect condition. After all, the same applies to all our carefully selected, authenticated, and professionally cleaned pieces. Find the necklace you've always dreamed of in our vast collection today.