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Solid gold pendants are gorgeous, and our collection of vintage solid gold religious pendants are no exception. Beautifully detailed with some amazing craftsmanship, our religious pendants make for a symbolic, personal gift for a friend or family member. Plus, in terms of making a style statement, certain religious symbols (like crucifixes) work really well for a pretty, gothic look.
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Solid gold religious pendants make for a special, significant gift for a loved one. The perfect pick for occasions like baptisms, first communions, or even a special birthday or graduation, our vintage gold religious pendants are truly special and will make a memorable gift that your loved one will treasure for years to come.

If you want to mark the end of a difficult time, or perhaps celebrate a big blessing, you can't go wrong with a religious pendant as a surprise: all occasions offer an opportunity for a special surprise, after all, not just the obvious special events. Sometimes a piece of jewelry can mark something personally significant in a subtle way.

In our carefully chosen collection of pendants, we have a range of sizes, carats, and prices. So if you're looking for a stunning gift, there should be something in our collection that suits you, so you can find a gift that is truly unique and suits the style of the loved one you're buying for.


Of course, it goes without saying that our vintage gold religious pendant collection looks good on everyone. Even if you're not religious, our gold crosses in particular have a classic, chunky, vintage look that you can wear with everyday outfits to add an interesting twist to your look.

People have been rocking religious jewelry as a style choice even if they aren't religious for years now (think Madonna back in the eighties for the most obvious example). Our preloved religious pendants look good on everyone. Dainty, light pieces look beautiful if you have more of a classic style while our collection of thicker, bolder pendants is perfect if you like to make a statement with your outfit and like to invest in eye-catching pieces. The thicker you go, the more gothic the pendant is, so if that's your look, definitely look at the chunkier pieces for a stylish addition to your collection.

You can combine our beautiful pendants with our vintage chains. Delicate anchor chains or slightly chunkier snake chains look good with religious pendants, depending on the vibe you're going for, and the thickness of chain that you prefer. You can come up with a unique combination here and give some vintage gold a new lease of life. And that's the bonus about shopping vintage: you're more likely to find unusual pieces that nobody else has, which is always a good thing if you love a unique look.


Our collection of solid gold religious pendants is beautiful and intricately detailed. Our experts take a very close look at each piece, meticulously examining each one to check the quality and signs of wear and tear, and identify the carat using an X-ray before cleaning them and presenting them to you.

The good thing about shopping vintage is that you will be giving a piece of jewelry a new home, wearing them in a way that is unique to you, and accessing high-quality, authentic gold at a more affordable price.

Only the best pieces make it into our preloved collection, and because we have taken care to ensure the quality, you can trust that these pieces are legitimate and can be given as a special gift or bought as an investment for the future. Whether you're shopping for a significant gift to mark a big occasion, or you just want to make a style statement, shop our vintage solid gold pendant collection today.