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Vintage onyx earrings are not the type of jewelry you come across every day. Their bold appearance, attractive symbolic meaning, and magnetic beauty attract primarily those who desire something truly special. Whether you wish to own them yourself or you are shopping for an unbeatable gift for someone special, we have a fabulous pair of gold earrings decorated with this mesmerizing black stone for every taste.
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Are you looking for truly genuine jewelry that would emphasize your natural beauty while also demonstrating your good taste? Or do you need inspiration for a luxurious and thoughtful gift for the special lady in your life? Our collection of vintage black onyx earrings offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that will undoubtedly be appreciated.

The attractiveness and allure of these earrings are primarily provided by the unique gemstone - black onyx, which is truly unmistakable and easily recognized even without much experience. The dark shine of this stone playfully contrasts with the luxurious sparkle of yellow, rose, or white gold. It looks classic and contemporary at the same time, boasting exceptional versatility and timelessness.

One of the indisputable advantages of these earrings is that while they are unmissable and always stand out in any outfit, they also adjust perfectly to the fashion style of their wearer. Thus, they go excellently with an elegant dress for a glamorous social event, a slick business outfit for work, as well as with jeans and a T-shirt for leisure and outings. Of course, the trick is choosing the design that suits your taste and lifestyle the best.


Vintage, solid gold stud earrings decorated with black onyx are a wonderful choice for those who desire sophisticated jewelry for everyday wear. They are compact and lightweight, meaning that they are incredibly comfortable to wear. There is also no risk of catching or getting your jewelry caught on an object from your surroundings, which is especially useful for some specific professions but also for sports.

Some ear studs are completely minimalistic - just a pair of simple earrings made of 8k, 14k, or 18k gold decorated with round and perfectly even precious stones. But other designs will surely satisfy even those with higher demands on originality. The black onyx can, for example, be smoothly incorporated into a floral design, an intricate geometric shape, or some other thoughtful arrangement. Everyone will surely pick their favorite regardless of their taste.


If you want a more prominent and eye-catching alternative to stud earrings, maybe you should consider some of our beautiful vintage onyx earrings in long designs. Gently hanging from delicate women's ears, such earrings embody feminine elegance and stand out as a wonderful choice for special occasions. Whether you opt for a tender chain-like design or something more opulent, the onyx is certainly going to make your earrings look truly special.

Are you a fan of hoop-style earrings? We have some attractive vintage pairs with onyx in this design, too. Combining the casual style for everyday wear with a pinch of festivity and bling, these earrings can be worn basically anywhere. In some cases, onyx stone is accompanied by some other colorful gems, too, forming a sparkling band that complements your natural beauty in the most convincing way. Explore our vast range of vintage onyx earrings and find your perfect match.