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The good thing about our vintage diamond pendants is that it is a versatile collection - we've taken care to choose a variety of interesting pieces, from classic diamond crucifixes to some more unusual options. Pendants make for very nice gifts, and you can choose a shape to suit your own personality. And because our collection is previously loved, you can access beautiful diamond pieces at a more accessible price.
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Pendants are the perfect gift for loved ones, and our curated vintage diamond pendant collection is very special. From small, delicate pendants studded with tiny diamonds, to gemstone-and-diamond combinations, these pendants are stunning and make for a gorgeous treat for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Because these are vintage pieces, we have a variety of styles to offer. Hearts for a romantic gift, delicate crucifixes, and cute little elephant charms, there is a charm for everyone here. Charms are lovely because they are unique and expressive; they can be symbolic, summarising something important about you or your personal style.

Our vintage necklace collection makes a good partner to a preloved charm, and the combination means you can create a unique piece that nobody else has - perfect if you like more unusual jewelry, or if you don't like to wear the same type of jewelry as everyone else around you. 

Our collection encompasses so many styles, that there's something here to suit all ages, too. Whether you're buying for yourself, your daughter, or your grandmother, our incredible collection covers all bases.


Buying real diamond pendants can feel risky online, which is why buying from a trusted source is very important. At Another's Legacy, we take care to meticulously inspect each piece. We verify the gold using an X-ray machine, and we examine each piece very carefully before adding them to our collection ready to be worn by someone new, so you can trust that they are the real deal.

This means that you can trust that the quality will be excellent, and you can access some beautiful pieces at lower prices than if you bought them brand new. You'll also be giving these lovely previously loved diamond pendants a new home, and finding something unusual that nobody else around you will have, bringing these vintage pieces to life again.


The good thing about pendants is that they can symbolize something meaningful to you: a special animal, a heart for love, flowers, or snowflakes. These pendants make for beautiful gifts for that reason or just a way to mark something that you cherish. And because they've been verified by our experts, they make for special pieces you can pass on down through the generations.

However, you may just love the more unusual shapes - these are perfect for those looking for something unique and interesting, and create an eye-catching, classic focal point for your outfits. These pendants look stunning for more formal occasions, especially those that have diamonds and gemstones alongside each other: these are exquisite pieces that deserve to be brought out for very special occasions!

If you're looking for something special, browse our preloved diamond pendants today: there's a pendant here to suit every style.